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SME Creativity Center

中小企業創意中心 (SCC)

中小企業創意中心 (SCC) 主要協助香港中小企業發展。SCC是以非弁利模式經營, 目的是幫助香港中小企開拓創意發展,提高思維能力,和在各項範疇中發展創新。SCC鼓勵香港中小企去瞭解如何更明確直接地捉緊市場需要, 從而發揮設計意念, 用更新穎的設計流程, 來提昇其在市場上的競爭力。

SCC將特別支持數據/電子資訊和工商業的中小企業。SCC還會為一些香港低收入企業服務, 讓他們可以得到更適合的資訊, 協助他們發揮創意和獨特理念去建立自我品牌, 或讓他們加入其他已存在的中小企。

The SME Creativity Center (SCC) is started as an initiative that focuses on helping SMEs in Hong Kong. SCC is a non-profit service center involved in enabling SMEs to explore creativity, ideation, and innovation. SCC provides guidance to local SMEs so that they can better understand, elicit, develop, and refine their design and creative processes to drive innovation and gain competitive advantage.

SCC particularly interested in supporting SMEs from the digital / information technology and manufacturing industries. For low return SMEs, SCC also provides relevant information and assistance for them to further establish their own brand or to merge with another existing business.

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