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Consultancy, sustainability services and supplier of customised, eco-friendly products at a wholesale level to hotels, resorts, aviation and beyond. Our products are carefully selected based on their environmental impact, with the ultimate goal to assist in the reduction of single-use plastics in these industries.


Bakbamboo founders, Naveet and Tania


Co-founders Tania Sibree and Naveet McMahon both come from professional business backgrounds. Tania is a lawyer and an experienced business manager having run financial service products across UK and Asia Pacific. Naveet is a publisher who owns an established financial multi-media business and has worked in Hong Kong close to 20 years, however the long term commitment and passion has been to drive tangible environmental change.


Why bakbamboo?

Our kids Bas, Alice and Keira (bak) have grown up with the understanding that we need to change our habits, outlook & usage of plastic and that’s how came to be.

We wanted to demonstrate to them how as individuals we can all choose to support a small change that makes a big difference in our environment.

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