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Email Marketing — Perfect for Conferences

Take the simplicity and unique features of Eventbrite. Add a creative email campaign. What do you get? A simple, creative way to communicate with your event attendees. 

Eventbrite’s partnership with Mailchimp lets you seamlessly import attendees into your Mailchimp account. You can select which attendees from which events you want to sync, and all future attendees that meet your criteria will be synced automatically. 

 It's easy to send emails to your event attendees using Mailchimp. Design eye-catching HTML email campaigns, automatically manage subscriber lists, and track results—with no coding or programming required.

Install the Mailchimp Sync Extension into your Eventbrite account. 

  1. Click on the green “Connect to Mailchimp” button. (You will need manager, admin, or owner privileges on your Mailchimp account.) 
  2. Log in with your Mailchimp user account. The plugin is now connected. 
  3. Select which attendees you want to sync, and which list you want to sync them to.
  4. Click the “start synching” button. Allow 5 minutes for the initial sync to complete. 
  5. Find your Eventbrite attendees in the selected Mailchimp list, compose a campaign, and send.