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Women Who Shine X Hagar

Hagar International is a Hong Kong-registered charity that empowers and restores survivors of severe human rights abuse (e.g. slavery, domestic abuse, sexual exploitation) in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. Hagar helps women and children who face the toughest of human conditions. We do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore a broken life to wholeness. We care for people until they can care for themselves. In Hagar's 20 years as an organization, we have supported more than 15,000 women and children in forging a more independent and happier future for themselves.

Michael Sloyer is a curious soul traveling the globe in search of a common human spark. Through the lens of camera, he explores the meaning of human life and how it fits into the broader fabric of existence. Though never formally trained in photography, he adopted the role of amateur photojournalist during his college years as he visually documented his exploits at home and travels abroad. As he became more aware of his right brain propensities, photography became an outlet for his artistic impulsions. It became his cropping tool for the world and a way to rediscover the beauty in the minute and the mundane. Michael’s photography and writings have been featured on a variety of travel blogs and websites, including the Huffington Post. His Cuban photography has been featured in NYC restaurants and as cover artwork for a Spanish blues album. Michael grew up on Long Island, received a degree from Duke University, and continues to travel the world in his search for the perfect visual moment. He currently resides in Hong Kong.

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