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Water Lily Yoga Project 2017 + AUMNIE YOGA APPARAL

About my personal Water Lily Yoga Project 
No matter how small, at least we start somewhere…
I suffered from the loss of my beloved mother in April 2016 due to Ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed with severe depressions shortly after due to excessive griefs. I lost in touch with my body. ...
Thanks to Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, I have regained my strengths and came out of depressions much stronger in my mind, body and spirits after Thai Vedic Yoga Training in Bali, 2016.
To give back to the world and help those in need through doing yoga together, I want to start a project for the name of my mother, Water Lily, to donate all my teaching fees to charity in 2017 from Hong Kong. We will practice Metta (kind, lovingness and compassions to self and others) throughout this class. This is not a Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga where you are required to do challenging yoga poses. It’s a time to reconnect to your own body. It’s a place we practice mindfulness and stillness. It’s a space to slow down and be present to let the healing happen.

We will follow Ayurvedic 5 elements to create a healing space for all:
Esther: Chanting Mantra Air: Pranayama (breathing exercise), Yoga Nidra (full relaxation of consciousness) to release stresses, worries, frustrations and non-stop thoughts. Fire: Yoga poses to pacify excessive heats in the body (e.g. shoulder pains) Water: Self-massage, rotations, and yoga poses to nurture mind, body and spirit. Earth: Yoga poses to ground, support and to strengthen the body to release griefs, sadness and depressions.

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