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Wai & Mariko

About Wai:

Wai is an international consulting astrologer. She provides a safe, engaging, and non-judgmental environment in the consultation.

She believes that astrology can bring profound change and meaning to our lives. She uses astrology as a tool for self understanding and acceptance. While Wai doesn’t predict the future, a reading with her can be insightful and transformative.

For this class, Wai will share some simple tools for working with our intuition and how to use our emotions as a guide to improve our EQ and health.

About Mariko:

Mariko is originally from Fukuoka, Japan. She has been working with the world’s top wellness resorts and healing clinics all over the world as a Facial Reflexologist. Her approach to well-being and healing is gentle and caring, yet deep enough to feel changes in your body & mind. She also has many years of experiences in guiding people for better physical & emotional conditions through Qi Gong and Yoga.

Mariko is a founder of MAITRI ASIA Ltd in Hong Kong and curates various Well-Being programs.

On this occasion, she will share her deep knowledge in traditional/ancient healing methods combined with Wai’s insightful Moon & Astrology teaching.