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VolTra 義遊

Climate change, ethnic wars, religious conflicts, energy crisis, wealth disparity…

Our world is facing various crucial issues that transcend borders. These issues influence everyone on the planet, unfortunately none of us can resolve them on our own. Especially in Hong Kong, we seem to shut ourselves off from global issues beyond economic discussions. Some feel unconcerned and do not bother to get involved, while some think individual power is so limited that their efforts are in vain. Consequently, we become indifferent and apathetic towards our surroundings and gradually respond to our problems with either sarcasm or despair. Sometimes, we just wish to leave those big issues for the big cheese and isolate ourselves from such a chaotic world.

Isolating ourselves is indeed the crux of the problem.

VolTra believes that real changes are not brought about by great things done by a few, but all the small acts done persistently by everyone of us towards a common goal. This requires a change of mentality from ‘me’ to ‘we’ for global citizens who are willing to stir changes from the bottom and work their ways up step by step. VolTra cares about local issues and looks further into global trends as we always believe that in order to have a better world for ourselves, we have to make the world better for others. There is only one world for us, which is a world shared by us.

Let’s explore the world and be a global citizen!

Founded in 2009 as a registered charitable organisation, VolTra has been dedicated to promote international voluntary services in Hong Kong. We strive to accomplish our mission to promote world peace and global citizenship by serving as a platform to connect international and local volunteers.

With a well-established worldwide network of international workcamp organisations, we together provide over 4,000 international workcamps and voluntary service projects every year in about 100 countries. At the same time, we organise international workcamps in Hong Kong to engage both local and overseas volunteers in voluntary services and cultural exchange activities.

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