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The Wave

The Wave is the newest 24/7 integrated business platform, which has pop-up stores, F&B floors, co-working spaces and event areas all under one roof. Our mission is to help the next wave of passionate entrepreneurs and SMEs to realize their dreams and grow their businesses beyond limits. We aim to become a Benefit Corporation that generates positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profits, which we believe are crucial commitments to creating a more sustainable future.

We provide customized solutions/ spaces for startups, corporates, event organizers etc.
For instance:
Co-working space – including both hotdesks and private work stations
Event space – ranging from 6 pax meeting rooms to 500 pax seminar hall
Retail area – consisting pop-up store, F&B, sports etc.

The Wave 鄰近觀塘港鐵站,位置優越,為東九龍新地標。嶄新綜合商業平台設有多個服務式工作室,共用工作空間及靈活多變的活動展覽場地。匯聚各行各業的初創及中小企業,提供交流合作平台,輔助他們拓展業務,突破所想。我們的目標是成為B型企業,為社會丶員工丶社區和環境帶來正面影響,因為The Wave認為這是創造可持續發展對未來的承諾。

共用工作空間: 包括固定及非固定的工作座位及獨立服務式工作室
零售空間: 包括期限商店,餐飲及各式零售商舖等

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