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Segreto Private Kitchen

"i want the people could enjoy the same experience my Grand Mother used to set for us when we where children" 

Easy n' tasty is a special place where you can enjoy the real taste of classic homestyle south Italian and Neapolitan food and wines. When we where kids, every familt dinner or the famous Grandma's Sunday lunch, was a never ending match between mums and aunties about this or that dish, and who was the best in this or that.

"quite often different families where cooking the same dish, just to see which one was the most favourite"

Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvious

Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvious

Our mission is giving a culinary experience impossible to find in Hong Kong, the same food, taste and feelings that only in south Italy you can get.

Ermanno making a real  Neapolitan pizza

Baking a real Neapolitan Pizza

All served dishes in the dinners and the cooking classes are traditional from our "all female cooks" 4 generations family and from famous restaurants from the bay of Neaples and the Sorrento & Amlfi rivieras.

Mount Vesuvious from the Sorrento riviera

Our wines are famous as the most ancient wines in the history coming directly from the same wine of the Roman Empire: Lachryma Christi, Vesuvio red and white and the trendy Gragnano sparkling red. Historically harvested on the famous volcano Mount Vesuvious national park by the Sorrentino family since 5 generations (as from papers) and exclusively shipped to us.

"Come and experience the real south Italian taste"

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