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流動影像收藏與保存的工作開展已久,但至今牽涉的工作量仍極為龐大,需要相當的資源來輔助。香港在搜集渠道以至藏品對外開放方面仍有不少限制,亦缺乏資源關注劇情片種以外之流動影像的收藏與保存。REEL TO REEL INSTITUTE 由數名從事電影保存與修復及相關節目的人士於2018年成立,是一個非牟利的藝術團體,旨在推廣及籌辦有關視聽遺產保育之活動。

With the long history of moving image collection and preservation, materials await handling are still vast, though much-needed resources for these efforts are limited. In Hong Kong we face great obstacles in collecting these materials and presenting restored works to the public, and little light is shed on the collection and preservation of moving images besides feature films. Founded by practitioners of film restoration and programming in 2018, Reel to Reel Institute, a non-profit arts organisation, aims at promoting and developing preservation of audio-visual heritage in Hong Kong by delivering high quality public screenings, education programmes and restoration projects.

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