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pause - promoting health | Zest For Life | Jill Marshall's 'Healthy Ways'

For this amazing offering of a 12 hour over 4 week workshop on counseling skills to help  development and growth in self and in others, we are three organising bodies.

pause is around to help promote areas of health and wellbeing to the local community and to support practitioners in sharing their knowledge and expertise of health  - a messenger let's say!  

Zest For Life is headed up by Sarah Armstrong who is indeed strong at facilitating her knowledge and expertise on training counseling courses and in providing sound, effective counseling 1:1. She is a strong promoter of health within our local community here and we are lucky to have her course offered here.

Jill Marshall's 'Healthy Ways' is a collaborative program whereby health coach, Jill Marshall specialising in maternity matters in particular but not entirely, through physical thearpy using  movement for sports and injury rehab & prevention, teams up with local practitioners that have a magic health nugget to share. Together Jill and her fun. healthy friends raise awareness of healthy ways that are easy, or made easier, realistic and create long-term transformations to living exceptionally in top health, naturally. 






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