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Open Source Hong Kong 開源香港

開源香港 (Open Source Hong Kong,簡稱 OSHK) 成立於 2009 年,是開放原始碼促進會聯盟成員 (OSI Affiliates),支持開放源碼開發者、貢獻者、程序員、愛好者及用家持續發展及交流,每年在香港及亞洲舉辦及支持多項大型會議及活動,包括香港開源年會、台灣開源人年會Open Data DayPyCon HK 年會等,鼓勵協作發展並擁抱世界各地開源社群。


Established in 2009, Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK) aims to support a sustainable community for developers, contributers, opensource lovers alike.

Open Source Hong Kong ( OSHK ) is a community in aim of advocacy and promotion on concepts and uses of open source, to organise meet-ups, seminars, conferences and other events in Hong Kong and Asia. OSHK encourages communication and collaboration of open source, open technology and open culture related communities in Hong Kong and the world.

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