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Hong Kong C&S Wine - Tasting x Learning x Sharing

My first wine was a Bordeaux Red Blend, that the grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot. While my second wine was Shiraz in South Australia. If someone asked me why this Meetup group is named "C&S Start", I will tell you, it is not to memorize my 1st two bottles, but It means to try ("C" sound in Cantonese means "TRY") & to share.
In the beginning, to taste a bottle of 750ml is too much. It is not easy to find friends to share with you. Or if you go to the wine tasting festival, every time the bottles you tasted are a little and too many bottles for you to select.
C&S Start wants to help you to solve this situation. Every time we will open 6 bottles, for 8 or above wine tasters. And every bottle will be explained by the WSET advanced certificate (Level 3) host. Relax~ Enjoy~ No Selling of products~ Meet new friends~
我的第一支酒,是Bordeaux Red Blend的酒,亦即是Cabernet Sauvignon blend Merlot,而第二支酒,是澳洲的Shiraz。當Meetup group要改名,我想改名為『從C&S開始』,而"C"同「試」同音,而"S",通Share,這也是我期許這個group能夠做到。