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Our Story

Started with a humble dream of creating a family-like Caffè, we name ourselves HABITŪ, derived from the words “habit”, ”habitat” and “habitual”, embodying our strong enthusiasm and boundless vision to create the kind of culture and space where everyone can gather and enjoy artisan coffee with great food.

We offer locally roasted coffee featuring signature house blend “Classico No.3”, single origin coffee, fair trade coffee and decaffeinated coffee options. We believe nothing beats freshly homemade products with real fresh ingredients. So we then decided to freshly prepare our ingredients to avoid using products with artificial additives. Our team daily cold-press 100% fresh and natural beetroot juice, ginger juice and homemade the delicate rose-infused honey to replace synthetic syrup for our coffee and to make sure they're all delicious yet nutritious.

"Be Inclusive" is our philosophy, and here at HABITŪ, we strive to provide a great variety of foods that meet a wide range of food requirements to accommodate every type of diners. From plant-based delights to all day dining, sharing starters to handmade pasta and entrée, our menu is designed to be suitable for everyone from kids to adults, plant-based eaters, diners with intolerances, allergies or any dietary restrictions.

Come together in the warm ambience of HABITŪ where everyone feels welcome and included.

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