Friends of CUHK Art Museum: Lucia Ho

The Friends of the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong was founded in 1981 to promote the study and appreciation of Chinese art and culture. To that end, the Friends sponsor lectures, study groups and tours to places of interest in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. Through these and other fundraising activities, the Friends provide annual scholarships to art students at The Chinese University and contribute to the acquisition fund of the Art Museum.

It is our mission to be a partner of the Art Museum and the University, to help them reach their goals, to support their students, and to support art education and art awareness in the community.

Net proceeds from all our activities are donated to the University.

We endeavor to have programmes to cater for our diverse membership: some can only attend during the day when children and family are occupied elsewhere, and some in the evenings, so please accept our apologies if not all activities suit your schedule.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events