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教育燃新 Ednovators

教育燃新 是一個2015年由一群教育工作者、教育創業者及社會企業家所創辦的慈善平台,目的為推動本地教育創新。教育燃新積極與本地及海外教育與跨界別領先者通力合作,在香港帶動深層對話、培育教育創變者、支持教育創新嘗試,並鼓勵創新經驗分享,最終目標為在這個多變的社會中,共創尊重及回應學生需要的教育,讓不同學習方法和步調的學生,都能擁有更好的學習歷程。

Ednovators is a charitable platform founded in 2015 by a group of educators, edupreneurs and social entrepreneurs to catalyze innovations in education in Hong Kong. Ednovators has been fostering partnerships and working collaboratively with local and overseas education and cross-sector pioneers to facilitate dialogues, nurture education change-makers, incubate education innovations and encourage experience sharing, with the clear goal to co-create the future of education that respects and responds to the needs of students in a changing society, and provides enabling learning journeys for students who develop and learn in different ways and at different pace.

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