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敦珠佛學會(國際) Dudjom Buddhist (International)

多年以來,敦珠佛學會的YouTube頻道製作了無數的佛法精華影片及生死教育系列等的視頻,希望能夠幫助善信更加了解佛法丶生命的意義丶以及該如何面對生死等的重大抉擇。時至今日,敦珠佛學會的 YouTube 頻道已有超過8萬人訂閱 ,點擊率超過2500萬,成為了目前全球最高訂閱及點擊率的佛法講解YouTube頻道。
The Dudjom Buddhist Association (International), a world renowned Buddhist Center, was founded in Hong Kong by Ven. Vajra Masters Yeshe Thaye and Pema Lhadren in January 1998, under the Spiritual Guidance of their Root Guru His Holiness Kyabje Chadral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche. Its founding purpose is to propagate on both the “breadth” and the “depth” of the Buddhist teachings to all sentient beings. In order to cater to the learning characteristics of modern people, the Dudjom Buddhist Association (International) has, over the years, launched a series of teaching courses on the Buddhist Holy Dharma, on such topics as “Mind-training and Dharma Practices”, “Practices for the Realms After Death”, “Dharma Practices on Tibetan Buddhism”, and so on, which were explained in laymen, yet scientific and logical, terms and were thus easy to be understood by the general public.
The approach of the Association’s Buddhist teachings is to put education as the main line of our focus, so as to lay a scientifically-based foundation on the understanding of the Buddhist teachings, so as to dispel superstitions of all sorts, and to restore the true and authentic nature of the correct paths of the Buddhist Holy Dharma. Hence, it makes the Association’s Buddhist teachings very interesting, meaningful, inspiring, and importantly, authoritative. As a result, the Dudjom Buddhist Association (International) has now become one of the most influential Buddhist organisations around the world.

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