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Citizen Science Faire x MakerBay

MakerBay proudly presents Hong Kong’s first Citizen Science Faire, Thursday 17th – Sunday 20th August at PMQ. Celebrating innovation and awareness, the free community event features hands-on workshops, presentations, interactive experiences, and an exhibition of citizen science projects.


How is the air today? How clean is my water? How much wildlife can be found in Hong Kong? These are questions closely related to our daily lives. So where do we find the answers? It’s not rocket science, it’s just data! Water data, air quality data, health data, biodiversity data... there is an ocean of information out there.


How do we navigate this “Sea of Data”, and give meaning to it all? As a citizen scientist, you can contribute to a better understanding of our world, simply by gathering data and sharing your findings. Everybody matters, and every piece of data counts!


Join the “SEA OF DATA” Adventure to become a citizen scientist!



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