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Candlin & Mynard ePublishing Limited

Candlin & Mynard ePublishing was founded by Christopher Candlin and Jo Mynard. We formed the epublishing company with the aim of closing the gap between research, practice, and publication.


We are dedicated to encouraging and supporting writers, researchers and practitioners. We help both experienced and less experienced authors to outline their ideas and present their work in an engaging yet professional manner. We are committed to exploring issues in the fields of applied linguistics, language teaching and learning, and communication, and facilitating links between research, practice and dissemination. We are also concerned with enabling others. This is achieved through the publication of our timely, accessible ebooks which we hope will inspire colleagues to enhance their practice, research and scholarship. Ebooks allow faster publishing than traditional print books, enabling us to deliver cutting edge contributions to the field quickly. We strive to make each author feel special, recognized, and supported. In addition, our readers will be able to access texts easily and feel they are receiving value for money.

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