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BOLD Goals Women's Circles Workshops

BOLD Goals is for women who want to change their lives but don’t know where to start. The BOLD Club is originated from Oxford and London in the UK and has recently expended to Hong Kong as its first international club.
Are you …
… keen to make a change in your life – or the world – but aren’t sure where to start?
… certain that something’s missing, but can’t quite identify what that is?
… ready to be your own boss, feel more certain in your decisions, or simply want to return confidently to work?
BOLD believes in a holistic approach to making changes in every aspect of your life. Whether it’s a new job, career change, returning to work, undertaking a community project, or starting a business, our approach is the same. We start with you, your values and vision to develop a clear idea of what’s important and what you want to achieve.
By focusing on you and taking a holistic approach to clarifying your idea, you will be starting with the best possible foundations to create something that works for you for years to come.
Join us now to become a BOLDWoman in Hong Kong.