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BEYOND Bollywood

BEYOND Bollywood is a charitable organization which was established in 2015 with the aim to use Indian dance as a medium together with Bollywood film, music and theatre to create a collective force among dance practitioners and establish collaborative partnerships with diverse range of NGOs, Universities, Corporates, Social Enterprises to mobilize and empower the underserved population through various community-based dance projects in order to advance the concept of cultural diversity, equality, respect and community inclusion.

BEYOND Bollywood 創立於2015年的非牟利團體,目的是透過印度舞蹈包括演出、工作坊、音樂舞蹈劇、電影、展覽,致力加強社會四方面的概念: 多元文化、公平、尊重和社會共融,利用寶萊塢舞蹈作媒介, 除了凝聚一群舞蹈者的影響力外,還與不同非牟利團體、大學、私人企業和社會企業建立合作伙伴關係,透不同社區舞蹈計劃,協助被社會忽視的一群可以重新融入社會,亦希望社會大眾對他人可以重新認識。