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Accidental Art

Founded by a group of young, energetic friends with an ambition to humanize art, Accidental Art is an unconventional platform dedicated to bringing art into everyone’s daily lives. We aim to create open and inviting dialogues between artists, galleries and people of the city.

Our team designs and leads guided art tours, organizes art appreciation seminars and curates art exhibitions for the local community. We also provide professional art spacing solutions and investment consultancy for both businesses and individuals.

Our mission is to build an art community where everyone can communicate and share their stories and insights. We are dedicated to help build a healthy and dynamic art ecosystem for emerging artists in Hong Kong and the region. 


Mobile: +852 54885045 Olivia / +852 6588 6440 Claire

“撞藝術”由一群激情有活力的年輕人創立。撞藝術是一個非傳統平台,我們將藝術人性化,致力 於將藝術帶入每個人的日常生活。我們的目標是在藝術家,畫廊和普通人之間建立開放和活躍的交 流和聯繫。

我們的團隊設計和領導畫廊藝術導覽之旅,組織藝術欣賞研討會,并策劃藝術展覽。我們還為企業 和個人提供專業的藝術空間解決方案和投資諮詢。

我們的使命是建立一個藝術社區,每個人都可以自由交流,分享他們的故事和見解。我們致力於為 香港和亞洲的新興藝術家建立一個健康,充滿活力的藝術生態系統。 


电话: +852 54885045 Olivia / +852 6588 6440 Claire

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