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Zenyum SMILE LAND Pop up store「笑容」主題限定店 - January

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SMILE LAND「笑容」主題樂園登陸中環:「笑」住打卡兼拎走精美禮品!· 日期:2021年12月9日至2022年1月31日 · 地點:PopUpHK(中環閣麟街36號)

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你對上一次開懷大笑係幾時?香港人生活忙、節奏快、壓力大,本身快樂指數已經唔高;加上而家疫情來襲,口罩下嘅笑容變得越來越少!Zenyum一直以「想每個人重拾自信笑容」為宗旨,決定為大家打造一個以「笑容」為主題嘅樂園——隆重介紹獨一無二嘅「SMILE LAND」!

「SMILE LAND」位於身處中環三角文化區核心嘅PopUpHK,將於2021年12月9日至2022年1月31日對公眾開放,歡迎各位嚟到,透過我哋特設嘅體驗同活動,令你拋開所有煩惱,一齊笑到見牙唔見眼!

#SmileLand #ZenyumHK


三層體驗 三重感受

G/F 「清爽香氣之旅」

由踏入正門開始,從天而降嘅水滴唔只代表Zenyum Sonic™️聲波震動牙刷上嘅「清潔」模式,輕輕拉低水滴仲會有一股清新香氣穿透口罩;走到巨型天井位置,恍似同時置身於日與夜,唔止可以感受ZenyumFresh™日夜用牙膏嘅清新潔淨感,更可以打卡呃Like,重拾清爽笑容!

1/F 「看得見的聲波體驗」feat. 藝術家陳寶峰

去到2樓,擺放住由裝置藝術家陳寶峰創作嘅作品,創作靈感嚟自Zenyum Sonic™️聲波震動牙刷嘅33,000次震動,3種清潔模式嘅震動頻率,可以令到盤上嘅沙不停跳動,各自形成出獨有嘅花紋以及3種截然不同嘅音樂,令你喺聽覺同視覺衝撃之下會心微笑!

2/F 「粉紅波波世界」

最簡單嘅快樂,嚟自最簡單嘅觸感。3樓嘅粉紅色大型波波池,除咗外觀上好「Instagram-able」同吸睛之外,置身喺當中感受柔軟嘅質感,仲好似早晚使用Zenyum Sonic™️聲波震動牙刷一樣咁舒適,帶來最純粹嘅快樂,仲唔約你身邊少女心爆棚嘅親朋好友過嚟玩?

Welcome to Smile Land

Wow! What a rough year it’s been.

Yes, we all endured a lot. But now that things are looking up, it’s time to let down your hair, and do what makes you happy.

Say bye-bye to the usual boring routines. It’s time to start something new and uplifting.

Smile Land is a special place where all smiles are welcome, at the heart of Hong Kong.

It’s our way of reminding you that there’s joy, wonder and fun to be found, especially when you stick with us.

So, please step inside, post some pics, and prepare to Smile More.

Date: 9th Dec 2021 - 31st Jan 2022

Location: Cochrane Street 36, Central, Hong Kong Island


All Smiles Welcome!

Here’s a little teaser of what to expect:


Refresh yourself

The moment you enter Smile Land, expect something fresh and different. Our fluid installations and insta-worthy walls will immerse you in our world of smiles.


Get ready for good vibes

It’s time to level up. Explore the next floor for an eye-popping, smile-triggering treat as we excite your senses with a variety of interactive experiences.


Dive in and have a ball

The final floor is all about play! So, let your hair down, give into the moment, and enjoy! After everything we’ve been through, it’s time to let out the inner child and unleash more smiles, giggles and LOLs.

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