Winning with 3 Kingdoms Strategies

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Winning with 3 Kingdoms Strategies

In this world's 1st only 1-day English course on 3 Kingdomes Wisdom, you'll be rewarded with useful strategies and tools (Andy 93672286)

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People's Park Ctr 05-01 101 Upp Cross St 05-01 People's Park Ctr Singapore, Singapore 058357 Singapore

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  • 8 hours
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How to draw Parallels from 3 Kingdoms Period to Present World and Win Big

Imagine that your country which was strong and powerful for the last 400 years is now just a big mess. What used to work in the past no longer works. Money is gained and lost very fast with most people not having enough to survive. Everyone is looking for some clear direction from the top, but they were disappointed because there are just too many non-stop power struggles and in-fighting every day.

This was the 96 years period that China was in from 184 to 280 CE. Isn’t that resembling what we have today with the turbulent world? If that is so, what lessons can we draw from the 3 Kingdoms Period? What strategies and tactics can we use to turnaround our fortunes? Tackle high inflation and high interest rate? Create sustainable? Make business strong again? Restore confidence in the economy and world peace?

Taken from the best of the best strategies from outstanding strategists at that time including Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Cao Cao, and Sima Yi, this course is the world’s first and only practical 1-day course about the 3 Kingdoms. You will also learn how to avoid the failed ways of the leaders of Dong Zuo, Yuan Shao. Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sima Yi.

Our Author Trainer Coach Andy Ng has an MBA from the UK. Based in Singapore, Andy is bilingual (can write articles in Chinese) and has, since the age of 5, been involved in China’s rich history and culture. Since 1986 Andy’s first visit to China, he has cultivated a strong in-depth knowledge about China covering 4,000 years from the pre-historic times to the present day.

Andy has delivered countless lectures and training seminars using Sinology and strategies from Sun Tzu Art of War, 36 Stratagems, Yijing and 3 Kingdoms. If you too want to plan to succeed and succeed in your plans and turn from losses into profits, invest in this world’s first and only 1-day English course on 3 Kingdoms: Winning with 3 Kingdoms Wisdom. You’ll be handsomely rewarded many times over, for this life and beyond.

Why You Must Learn this 3 Kingdoms Wisdom:

  • You need not just any leadership, but Strong Leadership and Good Management to solve today’s problems
  • With high inflation and resources getting scarce, You need to Get More Done with Less manpower, resources and money
  • To fight the wars (Inflation, supply-chain, climate change & politics), you need to bring people together and build a strong team with a common vision and a strong mission
  • To achieve SUSTAINABLE results, you need not just to hire based on skills but on character, and instill Morals and Values in your People
  • Finally, in these turbulent times, you need to Promote Inner Peace and look after People’s interest

Power-packed contents in this 1-day course include:

  1. 3 Kingdoms and its Parallels today: where are our Wei, Shu and Wu kingdoms?
  2. Myths and Truths of 3 Kingdoms: debunking tales that were simply false (eg Diao Chan beauty trap and Cao Cao losing the Red Cliff war due to wrong strategy)
  3. How it all Started: Rise of warlords due to weak leaders and infighting at the top
  4. Wisdom from the failure of warlord Dong Zhuo
  5. Rise of Liu Bei and his 2 Sworn Brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
  6. So near yet so far: why Yuan Shao failed and died tragically
  7. Most capable and cunning Cao Cao: is he really a bad guy?
  8. The Zhuge Liang Way to Win the Most with the Least: top 9 Success factors
  9. Applying Zhuge Liang’s Longzhong Plan to your work and life now
  10. From zero to Emperor: Liu Bei success and failure due to his ‘perfect’ character
  11. The Sima Yi long-hidden and enduring Way to ‘Success’
  12. Top 20 lessons for the Working World
  13. Ultimate of 3 Kingdoms Wisdom: Be a Good Person and How

5 Benefits of Learning WINNING WITH 3 KINGDOMS WISDOM:

  • You’ll for once and all really know and appreciate the simplicity of the 3 Kingdoms ' complicated stories
  • Every story in the course has a direct application to your life now
  • You’ll also learn the key essence of Sun Zi Art of War, 36 Stratagems and Dao De Jing in this course
  • You are able to draw parallels from the 3 Kingdoms period to our present-day world
  • You can avoid the costly mistakes of the leaders from the 3 Kingdoms

For Who to Attend:

  • Managers, leaders and directors that want to achieve breakthroughs in their careers this year and beyond
  • Professionals, executives, and working people that want to harness the power of winning strategies
  • Students and retired people that want to be enriched by the 3 Kingdoms stories
  • Anyone that wants to know Chinese culture and history in the shortest period of time

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