海洋塑膠 回收工作坊 The Ocean Material Recycling Workshop

海洋塑膠 回收工作坊 The Ocean Material Recycling Workshop

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為咗令公眾關注藏喺海面之下數百萬噸嘅塑膠垃圾,我哋將會舉辦海洋塑膠回收工作坊!We are hosting the Ocean Material Recycling Workshop to raise awareness of plastic waste in oceans!

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透過工作坊,大家將會了解有關塑膠對我哋嘅影響,仲可以體驗用小型回收機將海洋塑膠廢料轉化成日常用品,例如花盆、杯墊等等。而今次活動係由南豐作坊聯乘合作夥伴 Ocean Material Group、滙豐探「塑」潔淨水域計劃舉辦,並得到塑新生以及香港紡織及成衣研發中心支持。

立即報名,一齊嚟 Fabrica X 用塑膠廢料製作成實用物品,拯救我哋嘅海洋啦!


時間:12:00 – 15:15(平日)

12:00 – 17:45(週末)

地點:Fabrica X(荃灣南豐紗廠108號舖)




(10 分鐘)

  • 簡介塑膠廢料問題、影響及解決方法
  • 講解塑膠分類

(20 分鐘)

  • 示範將塑膠製成碎片
  • 將塑膠注入模具^

可製成物品 (請參考以下圖片):

  1. 間尺* (長16cm、闊2.5cm、高0.4cm)
  2. (長26cm、闊5cm、高0.3cm)
  3. 小型花瓶 (圓周7cm、高7cm)
  4. 陀螺 (闊4cm、高4cm)
  5. 六角形杯墊* (長11cm、闊9.5cmW、高0.4cmH / 長10cmL、闊8.7cm、高0.4cm)
  6. 圓形小名牌* (圓周5cm、高0.3cm)
海洋塑膠 回收工作坊 The Ocean Material Recycling Workshop image

Imagine what would happen if you went to the beach one day and found that the oceans were covered entirely with plastic? To raise public awareness of millions of tons of plastic waste hidden beneath the ocean surface and its impact to the environment and human health, we are bringing the Ocean Material Recycling Workshop to Fabrica X from July until October.

In this hands-on recycling workshop, you will learn about plastic impact and experience how to transform ocean plastic waste into everyday products from flowerpots to coasters using small-scale recycling machines.

The program is brought to you by our partners Ocean Material Group, HSBC Clean Waterways Programme and with support from New Life Plastics and HKRITA.

Register today and join us at Fabrica X to make treasure with plastic waste and turn the tide for our ocean!

Event Period: 14 July – 4 Oct (every weekday and weekend)

Time: 12:00 – 15:15 Weekday

12:00 – 17:45 Weekend

Venue: Fabrica X, Shop 108, The Mills, Tsuen Wan

Availability: 6 pax per session

Fees: Free by registration (walk-ins accepted upon availability)


(10 mins)

  • Introduction to the plastic waste problems, effects and solutions
  • Explanation of plastic sorting

(20 mins)

  • Demonstration of plastic shredding
  • Injecting with different moulds^

^Available moulds (see pictures below):

  1. Ruler* (16cmL x 2.5cmW x 0.4cmH)
  2. Comb (12cmL x 5cmW x 0.3cmH)
  3. Small Flowerpot (7cm x 7cm x 7cmH)
  4. Spinner (4cm x 4cm)
  5. Coaster* (11cmL x 9.5cmW x 0.4cmH / 10cmL x 8.7cmW x 0.4cmH)
  6. Tag/Keychain* (5cm x 5cm x 0.3cmH)
海洋塑膠 回收工作坊 The Ocean Material Recycling Workshop image


工作坊使用的塑膠來自香港各地,包括由滙豐銀行與潔淨水域計劃倡議的四艘零排放、太陽能船合作,從維多利亞港及香港仔漁港收集和分類超過 2,500 升的漂浮塑膠;以及由塑新生的創新項目,在南豐紗廠收集塑膠片而製成的塑膠廢料。我們相信香港能成為亞洲廢物回收利用的啟發地,以改善海洋污染問題。


Fabrica X 致力支持可持續品牌,包括 Resolar、OCIN、 W;nk AtelierRising Lotus,倡導通過回收和重賦已使用的塑膠新生命,以解決時裝界對有害原始塑膠物料的依賴,並避免塑膠被送往堆填區。我們特別策劃了一系列的可持續產品,將回收廢物變成有價值、永恆並對地球無害的產品。立即探索 Resolar、OCIN、W;nk Atelier Rising Lotus 的系列,享受生活的同時亦為循環經濟作出貢獻,將海洋和堆填區的廢物轉化成你永久保存的物品。

Where is the plastic from?

Plastics used in the workshop are collected from around Hong Kong from HSBC Clean Waterways Programme’s four zero-emission, solar-powered boats capable of collecting and sorting more than 2,500 litres of floating plastic per load from Victoria and Aberdeen Harbour, New Life Plastic’s innovative processing of plastic to flakes to plastic waste collected within The Mills. We believe Hong Kong can be an inspiration to Asia in recycling that transforms the problem of ocean pollution.

What’s more?

Fabrica X is on a mission to support sustainable brands, Resolar, OCIN, W;nk Atelier and Rising Lotus, who advocate solutions to fashion’s reliance on harmful virgin plastic materials by recycling and giving new life to used plastic materials that will otherwise be sent to landfills. We have uniquely curated a selection of sustainable pieces using recovered waste turned into valuable, timeless pieces that are kind for the planet. Explore Resolar, OCIN, W;nk Atelier and Rising Lotus’s collection and indulge consciously whilst contributing to a circular economy and diverting waste away from oceans and landfills into forever pieces in your wardrobe.



  • 如參加者於預訂時間5分鐘過後未有出現,我們將視為該預訂為缺席,南豐作坊將有權把已預訂的位置讓給其他未預約的客人。
  • 南豐作坊保留因不可控制因素延後活動權利(如:預防及控制疾病條例、惡劣天氣等)。
  • 如有任何爭議,南豐作坊將保留最終決定權。

Cancellation / No Show Policy

  • If a participant is 5 minutes past their scheduled time, we will consider the booking as no show, and The Mills Fabrica reserves the right to pass the booking to the walk-in participant.
  • The Mills Fabrica reserves the right to reschedule the event due to uncontrollable factors, e.g. Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance, and adverse weather.
  • In case of any disputes, the decision of The Mills Fabrica shall be final.