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The Jolly Extravaganza Conference 2017

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Unit 501

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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The Jolly Extravaganza Conference 2017

Professional Development Days In Literacy Teaching using Jolly Phonics And Grammar

With Beverly Sace, Kayoko Yamashita, Santina DiMauro and Coral George.

About the Conference

Literacy Asia presents The Jolly Extravaganza Conference 2017.

The Jolly Extravaganza Conference 2017 in Hong Kong is a collaboration between four trainers from Hong Kong, Japan, Spain and Australia with common and specialized areas of interest and experience.

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Notes on prerequisites: You need to have taken M1 and M2 to take M3 and MSEN. M3 is prerequisite for M4 and M5.

Date: 16th December, 2017

Time: 10a.m-5p.m

Trainer: Ms Coral George (Spain and England)

Module 1: Getting Started in Teaching Jolly Phonics (Jolly Phonics Level 1)

Why is Synthetic Phonics important and why is Jolly Phonics the best programme to teach young children?

Teach the first 42 sounds of English using the five skills of Jolly Phonics, includes practical hands on classroom workshop.


  • A discussion of the theory and literature of synthetic phonics.

  • Reading and writing in a bilingual or trilingual context.

  • The Five Skills of Jolly Phonics.

  • Presentation of a multi-sensory lesson.

  • Practical ideas in the classroom.


Date: 17th December, 2017

Time: 10a.m-5p.m

Trainer: Ms Coral George (Spain and England)

Module 2: Spelling and Writing with Jolly Phonics (Jolly Phonics Level 2 & 3)

How do children learn how to spell? How do we teach dictation? How can we encourage children to write independently and creatively? Start teaching spelling and writing using alternative spellings.


  • How to teach alternative spellings.

  • How to get your students to write independently.

  • Sharing of resources developed by other teachers and the authors.


Date: 18th December, 2017

Time: 10a.m-5p.m

Trainer: Ms Beverly Sace (Hong Kong)

Module 3: Jolly Grammar 1 & 2

Now your students can read and write – what’s next?

This course will inform you on the teaching of a solid grammar foundation for children in K3 and up. This is important for Primary One and Two children!

Beverly Sace will be:


  • introducing a multisensory fun approach to grammar in learning the parts of speech.

  • discussing how teachers can support spelling development.

  • talking about helping children write sentences independently.

  • sharing fun ways to teach punctuation.


  • discussing how the materials are used.

  • sharing classroom tips.

  • discussing the use of picture books in grammar learning.


Date: 19th December, 2017

Time: 10a.m-5p.m

Trainer: Ms Santina DiMauro (Australia)

Module 4: Grammar 3 & 4

Children’s knowledge of Grammar and Spelling is extended, advanced and refined. For teachers of children in P2 and up.

This module will help teachers:


  • Continue to develop children’s knowledge of the alphabetic code.

  • Explore the most effective instruction which promotes lifelong spelling for children.

  • Gain practical hands on activities as they explore more spelling choices to the phonemes, the schwa, prefixes and suffixes.


  • Continue to broaden their understanding of grammar and punctuation through multisensory learning.

  • Participate in activities which can be fun and purposeful for children.

  • Explore how to transfer grammar concepts into children’s writing.


Date: 20th December, 2017

Time: 10a.m-5p.m

Teacher: Ms Santina Di Mauro (Australia)

Module 5: Grammar 5 & 6

Advanced grammar teaching for senior primary teachers of P3 and up. Very useful for Secondary School teachers wanting to help their students as well! Jolly Grammar 5 & 6 are the final spelling and grammar handbooks in the Jolly Phonics program. This workshop consolidates and builds on prior learning and knowledge of the alphabetic code, grammar and punctuation. Teachers will:


  • be guided on how to effectively teach spelling strategies through practical activities;

  • explore spelling rules when adding suffixes;

  • continue their understanding of the alphabetic code as they collaborate with colleagues to build the advanced code.


  • explore the three types of sentences and the appropriate punctuation required;

  • participate in multi-sensory activities highlighting the importance of fun activities even for the older grades;

  • consolidate their own understanding of grammar through parsing.


Date: 21st December, 2017

Time: 10a.m-5p.m

Teacher: Ms Kayoko Yamashita (Japan and England)

Module SEN (MSEN) - Special Needs Education with Jolly Phonics - Supporting the Acquiring of English Reading and Writing Skills for Children with SPLD, ASD or ADHD.

Why and how is Jolly Phonics effective in helping children with Special Needs? What classroom activities can help children? Join us as Kayoko shares her experience and expertise. Kayoko Yamashita will:


  • Introduce to teachers a brief understanding of ASD, ADHD and LD.

  • Discuss Dyslexia.

  • Simulate an experience of having literacy difficulties.


  • Discuss how to use Jolly Phonics effectively with children with SEN.

  • Share practical ideas for the classroom.


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Are there requirements to enter the event?

Yes. You need to be above 18 years old and understand English.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can call us at

(+852) 9735 5539 or email us:

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

No, but if you cannot attend our event this time, you can attend our next event with an administration cost of $500. We regularly organise training courses three times a year.

Terms and Conditions

Certificates of Attendance

Participants are given a globally-recognized certificate for each course (M1&M2, M3, M4&M5, MSEN) signed by the official trainers and organizer for each day of attendance. These certificates are given at the end of each day (Day 2, Day3, Day5 and Day 6). Please ensure that the name supplied to us at registration is the correct name. Please also ensure that you register for every day of the conference.

Consent to Use of Photographic and Video Images

The registration, attendance and participation of delegates at Literacy Asia events constitutes an agreement by the delegate for Literacy Asia and its affiliates to use and distribute photographs, audio, and videos taken during the event. This includes print and digital media, now and in the future.

Strictly No photo, audio or video-taking of Trainer Slides, and Trainers during event proper

Delegates are kindly forewarned not to take any record of trainers’ slides. Trainers may show their work that includes children’s photos that are not meant to be shared outside of the training sessions.

Delegates are also encouraged to be mindful during the sessions to maximize their learning and so refrain as much as possible from the use of devices.

Persons with Disabilities

We are an inclusive organization and will try our best to accommodate those with disabilities. Please kindly let us know at registration so we could assist you.

Please Note

Every attempt has been made to ensure that all information contained herein are accurate. For any omissions or errors, we thank you for your understanding.


The information, opinions, products and programs presented at the event do not necessarily reflect the views of Jolly Learning Limited (UK). At the event, speakers present their experiences as teaching professionals rather than as marketers.

Cancellation of the Event due to low demand

If the minimum number of participants is not reached, Literacy Asia Limited reserves the right to cancel the training sessions.

Early bird discounts are valid for full payments two months before the first training date, ie, until October 15, 2017 only. (EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 31, 2017)

Participants are responsible for all bank charges or Paypal administration fees if these payment methods are chosen.

Full payment must be received to reserve your seat.

Refunds can be made up to 4 weeks before the first training day, ie, November 15, 2017 with a charge of HKD500 administration fee.

No shows and cancellations from November 16, 2017 will be charged the full rate. Substitutes are allowed upon approval.


Due to friendly competition within the literacy teacher-training field, employees and family of current Jolly trainers who would like to join the sessions need to declare their interest.

Current trainers who would like to join the training sessions are invited to email us.

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Date and Time


Unit 501

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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