The Future of Technology in the Workplace

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The Future of Technology in the Workplace

How AI and Digital Transformation will Change Jobs, Roles and Careers in Hong Kong

By Xccelerate

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Tuesday, April 25 · 4 - 4:30am PDT



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  • 30 minutes
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Digital transformation is changing the way companies structure their manpower. Automation has become an integral part of businesses, but it is not the only way technology is reshaping job roles and skill requirements. This session will explore the latest trends and technologies that are transforming the job market, and how professionals can prepare themselves to remain relevant in the age of digital transformation.

Event Outline:

I. Introduction

Brief overview of the event and the topics to be covered

II. The Impact of Digital Transformation on Job Roles

The evolution of job roles and the impact of digital transformation

Jobs that are at risk of automation

New job roles that are emerging

III. The Skills Needed to Stay Competitive

The importance of reskilling and upskilling

The most in-demand skills in the current job market

The role of education and training in adapting to digital transformation

IV. Adapting to the Changes in the Job Market

Strategies for companies and individuals to adapt to digital transformation

The importance of a growth mindset

The role of mentorship and networking in career development

V. Q&A Session

Opportunity for attendees to ask questions and engage with the speakers

Key Takeaways:

Understanding of how digital transformation is reshaping job roles and skills

Awareness of the most in-demand skills in the current job market

Strategies for adapting to the changes in the job market

Insights into the role of education and training in career development

Networking opportunities with other professionals in the field

Target Audience:

This event is suitable for individuals who are interested in understanding the impact of digital transformation on job roles and skills. It is ideal for professionals in the tech industry, human resources, and anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the job market. The event is also relevant for companies and organizations that are undergoing digital transformation and want to learn about strategies to stay competitive.


Lok Yuen | Business Development Manager at Xccelerate

Guest speaker:

Jason Kwong | Senior Manager Technology & Insurance at Hays

Eddie Chow | Manager at Hays - Technology

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