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Techstyle X-MAS | Embellish Your Jeans 牛仔褲新形象 x unspun

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Techstyle X-MAS | 牛仔褲新形象 Embellish Your Jeans x unspun

About this Event

To celebrate the holidays, unspun wants to make you feel even more unique and special! Now, not only can your jeans be sustainable and custom made for you, but you can also create your own embroidery directly on your unspun jeans at Techstyle X.

Date: Nov 26 – Dec 13

Time: 1-5pm every day


  • Advance booking for the sessions of 1-2pm, 2:30-3:30pm, 4-5pm
  • Walk-ins are accepted upon availability

What you will take home

  • New look for your old jeans
  • Fully customized new pair of Unspun jeans (with embroidery voucher)


  • Free for unspun jeans, HKD100 for other jeans

About unspun

We are a sustainable denim company that is passionate about revolutionizing the way jeans are made. We custom make every pair of jeans, from scratch, based on a 3D body scan and your preferences. The fit software is powered by AI and is an all digital process. This means we also have no sizing and every pair is made to perfectly fit your body.

為慶祝感恩節,我們希望讓您感到更加獨特和特別!現在,您不僅可以擁有量身定制而可持續發展的牛仔褲,您還可以在Techstyle X直接為您的牛仔褲加上個人化刺繡。

日期: 11月26日 – 12月13日

時間: 每日下午1時至5時


  • 可提前預約時段(1-2pm, 2:30-3:30pm, 4-5pm)
  • 亦歡迎即場參加


  • 新形象的舊牛仔褲
  • 如購買unspun牛仔褲,即享量身定制連個人化刺繡兌換券


  • unspun牛仔褲免費,其他牛仔褲 100港元正


我們是一家可持續發展的牛仔布公司,熱衷於徹底改變牛仔褲的製作方式。我們根據3D人體掃描和您的喜好從頭開始定制每條牛仔褲。 Fit軟件由AI驅動,製作過程完全數碼化。這意味著我們沒有尺碼,每一條都完美地適合您的身體。

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