TAKE CHARGE AND LEAD (Key to having High Performing Engaged Teams)

TAKE CHARGE AND LEAD (Key to having High Performing Engaged Teams)

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Key to Engagement Employees and High Performance

About this event

How many times have you heard of people saying that if only the team is more united, we can achieve more? How many times have you been reminded again that employees have to take the initiative and work towards achieving the company’s vision?

We all know that with today’s rapidly changing environment, managers and leaders need to ‘Turn from Guest to Host’ 反客为主, that is, take charge and lead.

Unfortunately, you cannot take charge and lead unless you are first committed to your career. To be committed, you need to be engaged.

Whether you are now working hard in your job or striving towards your goals, this fun, entertaining training would give you everything that you need to achieve what you want in your career and life.

Training Objective:

To equip the team of employees including managers and non-managers with strategies and action plan to upgrade their performance so that they can achieve more for the company and themselves.

Training Outcome:

At the end of this course, participants will achieve the following outcomes:

1. Clear the roadblocks in their career and diminish what’s holding them back

2. Know the true meaning of engagement and commitment

3. Align their personal goals to that of the company

4. Know the 5-Ways to Profit Building and how to implement the 5-ways profit strategies and 4-ways system strategies to their work at the company

5. Be motivated and inspired to take action to become high performing employees and create great value for the company


1. Taking the Gallup Test: How Engaged Are You?

2. True meaning of Employee Engagement and Commitment

3. Three Steps to Employee Engagement and Commitment: Know Who Are You, Be Clear on Where You Want to Go and Know How to Get There

4. Who Are You: Discover your Ultimate Gift

5. Where You Want to Go: Your Life and Career Goals

• How to align your personal goals to that of your company

6. How to Get There: 5-Ways Profit Leverage and 4-Ways Systems Leverage

7. 5-Ways Profit Leverage: Prospects, Conversion, Frequency of Transactions, Average Dollar Sale and Margins

• How to Increase profits with just a 10% increase in each of the 5-ways

• Top 25 Strategies for your company

6. 4-Ways Systems Leverage: People & Education, Delivery & Distribution, Testing and Measuring and Systems & Technology

8. Designing your Action Plan for the 5-Ways Profits Leverage and 4-Ways Systems Leverage

9. Creating your 30-day Action Plan now

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