SummerIFF16 《X JAPAN 的死與生》記者招待會  SummerIFF16 “We are X” Press Conference

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SummerIFF16 《X JAPAN 的死與生》記者招待會 SummerIFF16 “We are X” Press Conference

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The Glass Pavilion, 3/F KITEC 1 Trademart drive, Kowloon Bay Hong Kong

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HKIFF Cine Fan 夏日國際電影節
《X JAPAN 的死與生》記者招待會

時間:3時正 (2時15分開始入場)

地點:九龍灣國際展貿中心3樓 The Glass Pavilion


本活動由KITEC、1563 at The East Live House及柏斯琴行全力支持。

HKIFF Cine Fan Summer International Film Festival 2016
“We are X” Press Conference

Date: 27 August 2016
Time: 3pm (Public Admission: 2:15pm)

Venue: The Glass Pavilion, 3/F., KITEC

Online registration will start at 10am on 19 August (Friday).

KITEC, 1563 at The East Live House and Parsons Music are generous supporters of the press conference for We are X.



  1. 觀眾必須已購買今年Cine Fan夏日國際電影節電影門票乙張。網上登記時必須填寫門票號碼。(如何尋找門券編號?)
  2. 觀眾必須以香港身份證或護照上之全名登記。本會職員或會於入場時,要求觀眾出示可證明身份的有效證件。
  3. 每位觀眾只限登記一次,重覆登記者所有登記皆會作廢。
  4. 網上登記名額有限,額滿即止。座位將以登記次序由電腦順序分配。觀眾必須依座位編號入座。如有任何爭議,本會保留最終決定權。
  5. 入場時,觀眾必須出示由登記系統發出之入場券列印本及一張Cine Fan夏日國際電影節電影門票正本,任何門票之影印本恕不接受。每券每票只限一人,未能出示者將被拒入場。
  6. 活動於九龍灣國際展貿中心3樓The Glass Pavilion舉行,開始入場時間為下午二時十五分。
  7. 遲到者須待適當時間方可進場。
  8. 未經許可,禁止在場內錄音或錄影。
  9. 入場前請關掉手提電話、其他響鬧及發光裝置,或將手提電話及其他響鬧裝置調校至震動模式。
  10. 場內禁止吸煙或飲食。
  11. 香港國際電影節協會保留更改活動內容、時間及地點的權利。

Please read the following carefully before registration:

  1. Audience member should have bought a ticket for any screening of the Cine Fan Summer International Film Festival 2016 (SummerIFF16). Ticket number is required for registration. (How to find ticket number?)
  2. Audience member should use their full name printed on their HKID or Passport for registration purpose. Our staff will request audience to provide acceptable proof of identity upon admission where necessary.
  3. Each audience member can be allowed to register once only. Multiple registrations are not permitted and will result in disqualification.
  4. Online registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats are allocated by the system according to the registration order. Audience MUST sit according to the assigned seat number. In case of dispute, the decision of the HKIFF Society shall be final.
  5. Audiences MUST print and present the entrance ticket sent by the registration system (Eventbrite) and show their original “SummerIFF16” ticket upon admission, no copies of “SummerIFF16” ticket will be accepted. Audience who fail to present all required proof will be refused admission to the event. One entrance ticket per person.
  6. Admission to the press conference held at The Glass Pavilion will start at 2:15pm at 3/F., KITEC.
  7. No latecomers will be admitted until a suitable break.
  8. Unauthorized photography and audio/video recording are not allowed.
  9. Mobile phones and any other sound and light emitting devices should be switched off or set to silent/vibrate mode during the press conference.
  10. Smoking, eating, or drinking is prohibited inside the event venue.
  11. The HKIFF Society reserves the right to change the event details and the schedule if it becomes necessary.
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