StartmeupHK Festival 2021: Ecosystem Summit 初創生態峰會

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StartmeupHK Festival 2021: Ecosystem Summit 初創生態峰會

StartmeupHK Festival 2021: Ecosystem Summit 初創生態峰會

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As part of StartmeupHK 2021, The Mills Fabrica will organize an ecosystem summit event - a half-day conference with panel discussions about “Strengthening Hong Kong Innovation Ecosystems”. The discussion will focus on facilitating business collaboration particularly within the Greater Bay Area, promoting Hong Kong as a sustainability hub, and fostering Hong Kong talents development.


Date: 28th May, 2021 (Friday)

Time: 1 – 4pm HKT

Format: Virtual


The ecosystem summit event will start with an overall keynote about building HK’s innovation ecosystem and followed by 3 different panels:

1. Strengthening ecosystem cooperation and collaboration in the Greater Bay Area

The growth of the Greater Bay Area has presented significant business opportunities for startups. How can we enable entrepreneurs to explore and make the most of opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, understand the government policy and grow in the market?

2. Developing Hong Kong as a sustainability hub through innovation:

Sustainability and ESG has emerged as a business imperative from 2020. How can Hong Kong help become a hub for sustainability and how can innovations help accelerate our transition to a net zero and circular economy?

3. Fostering Hong Kong talent development

How can Hong Kong best nurture scientific/ tech and business talent for the innovation and startup scene? What are key skills and initiatives to help ensure Hong Kong can have a thriving pool of talent in our ecosystem?

南豐作坊作為「StartmeupHK 創業節2021」的其中一家參與機構,將於活動期間舉辦一場為期半天的Ecosystem Summit(初創生態峰會),當中包括以「強化香港創新生態環境」為題的小組研討會,主力探討三大議題:推動大灣區內業務合作、推廣香港作為可持續發展基地,以及促進香港人才發展。



時間:下午 1 時 至 4 時(香港時間)




1. 強化初創生態於大灣區內的協作及夥伴關係:


2. 借助創新科技,建立香港成為可持續發展基地:


3. 促進香港人才發展: