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Sprout Multimedia Concert 萌 多媒體音樂會

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Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Drama Theatre 香港演藝學院戲劇院


Hong Kong

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萌 Sprout 多媒體音樂會 Multimedia Concert 表演藝術⼯工作者的育成與承傳,就如萌芽中微⼩小的芥菜種⼦子般擁抱⽣生命的夢想,縱遇途上的艱辛與 挑戰,在歳⽉月的風雷雨電中歷鍊鍊⽽而被塑造建立,⾄至終在⽇日照及活⽔水的滋養下長成茂盛的芥菜樹,成 蔭滋養萬籟。 多種風格的⾳音樂樂樂樂與戲劇情節及舞蹈⽚片段緊密連接,並以舞台及製作藝術的⽀支援及短⽚片,與觀眾分享 表演藝術⼯工作者的命途。⼿手機應⽤用程式更更讓觀眾有機會參參與其中的演出環節,以嶄新的⽅方式去表達 對演藝⼯工作者突破及跨越藝術進程的關懷。 Performing artists’ nurture and inheritance are like sprout of the tiny mustard seed that embraces artistic aspirations, it germinates notwithstanding the hardships and challenges; its life is being moulded in the encounter of whirlwind, pouring rain and thunderstorms, and under the warmth of the sunshine, and the nourishment of the living waters, it finally grows into a luxuriant mustard tree that offers shade to many lives. Music of eclectic styles intertwines with dramatic threads and dance episodes, together with theatrical-artistic efforts and short film scene, aim to share with audience the life journey of performing artists. Mobile app would allow audience to participate through innovate offering of the much-needed support in performing artistic venture and pursuit.

⾳樂及多媒體創作總監 Music and multimedia director 余頌恩Grace Yu

編劇及導演 Playwright and director 余⽟玉華 Gia Yu

舞台總監 Stage manager 林麗珠 Fanda Lam

音樂創意總監 Creative music director 鄧沛玲 Pauline Tang

燈光設計 Lighting designer 林林宛珊 Sandy Lam

⾳音響設計 Sound designer 陳衍昊 Bu Chan

舞蹈科技設計 Dance technology designer 朱孟⻘青Wendy Chu

裝置設計 Installation designer 呂嘉琪 Jen Lui

舞蹈員 Dancers 張景喻 Cheung King Yu 梁彩霞 Leung Choi Ha 羅智穎 Lo Chi Wing 黎黎燕 Lai Yin

何芳婷 Ho Fong Ting

編舞 Choreographer 羅天雪 Lo Tin Suet 洪麗君 Hung Lai Kwan

粵劇演員 Chinese operatic actor 菁瑋 Luvin Ho

短⽚片製作 Film producer 吳柏瑤 Ng Pak Yiu

作曲 Composers

張珮珊 Cheung Pui Shan 林鈞暉 Lam Kwan Fai 廖穎謙 Liu Wing Him

編曲 Arranger 林添偉 Lam Tim Wai

演奏 Performers

娉婷鋼琴二重奏 Duo Ping and Ting

小提琴 Violin: 鄧沛玲 Pauline Tang

中樂敲撃 Chinese percussion: 翟悅敏 Monie Chak

女⾼⾳音 Soprano: 李天恩Tiffany Lee

男中⾳音 Baritone: 錢深銘Sammy Chien

揚琴 Yangqin: 郭嘉瑩 Kwok Ka Ying

敲撃 Percussion: ⾞曉嵐 Bryony Che, 陳俊燊 Alvin Chan

古提琴 Viola da gamba: 林添偉Lam Tim Wai

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Date and Time


Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Drama Theatre 香港演藝學院戲劇院


Hong Kong

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