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Riding the Big Waves -Learn Emotional Regulation & Wellbeing, Various Date

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The Headquarters Cowork

12P Smithfield


Kennedy Town, HKI

Hong Kong

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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Riding the Big Waves - Learning Emotional Regulation & Wellbeing in the current challenging environment. Skills that you can use in future

About this Event

Over recent months there has been a number of events such as Covid-19 that is outside everyone's control, that has a negative impact on everyone emotional and mental wellbeing. These courses are designed to provide teens with more skills and strategies to cope in these challenging times. Suitable for all teens aged 14 to 18.

Teens can find themselves overwhelmed by the ups and downs of adolescent life: relationships, friendships, academic pressures, personal development, and growing up in a transient global city. The courses involve learning a range of skills to improve your Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance and Mindfulness. Everyone can benefit from self reflection and finding more effective ways of managing themselves and their relationships with friends and families to achieve their potential.

What is included in the full course?

● Skills training for Emotional Problem Solving for Adolescents

● Sessions on strategies to navigate life's challenges

● Range of activities to promote positive & proactive skills

All the above can be used moving forward to enhance yourself & your connections with others.

Topics include (from Cognitive and Dialectical Behaviour Therapies)● Balancing being in the moment & looking to the future● Feeling grounded & acting from your inner strengths● Getting along with friends, family, and frenemies● Learning to ride the extreme waves of emotions

Schedule can be flexible (But Need to complete Day 1 (Intro day) first, then three different electives which can be done either separately or competed over a few weeks)

Day 1 Introduction day - offered on the 17th or 22nd or 26th July

Day 1 - (6 hours)

● Intro session

● Orientation and dialectics.

● Set your intentions & goals

● Complete online questionnaires

● Look at your strengths

● Mindfulness - wise mind “what’ and ‘how’ skills (2 hours)

Must be completed before moving onto the other electives

Electives that can be completed either separately or in any order or combinations.

Emotional Regulation Course - 20th & 21st July (more dates offered if needed)

Day 1 & 2 - (5 hours each day)

● How to label, identify and regulate emotions through decreasing vulnerability factors and changing behaviour

● How to be mindful of emotions

● How to tolerate them and therefore eliminate the need to change them. (4 hour)

● Activity - Zentangles

● Mindfulness wise mind “what’ and ‘how’ skills. Review in relation to Emotional regulation

● Emotional Regulation Review & Test

Interpersonal Effectiveness 23rd & 24th July (more dates offered if needed)

Day 1 & 2- (5 hours each day)

● Interpersonal effectiveness emphasises

● Effective strategies for asking for what one needs

● Saying no and coping with interpersonal conflict

● Wellbeing session, details to be confirmed

● Maintaining relationships and maintaining self-respect

● Mindfulness wise mind “what’ and ‘how’ skills. Review in relation to Interpersonal Effectiveness

● Interpersonal Effectiveness Review and Test

● Reflection/ summary

Distress Tolerance 27th & 28th July (more dates offered if needed)

Day 1 & 2 (5 hours each day)

● Tolerance the urge to act from emotion mind when experiencing intense emotions

● Crisis survival strategies to work through bad situations without making it worse

● When no immediate solution to highly stressful situation, reality acceptance skills are used

● Learning ACCEPTS skills

● Distress Tolerance Review and Test

● Mindfulness wise mind “what’ and ‘how’ skills. Review in relation to Distress Tolerance

Who can take part and sign up?

Min 10 – Max 18 (aged 14 - 18)

The course is suitable for teens who don’t have a diagnosed mental health as it is a basic course. If you have a diagnosed mental health & in treatment, either contact your treating team or email for more suitable courses.

Regular breaks and 30 mins lunch break will be included in each day.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch each day. A laptop or phone is required for the online assessment for first and last session of the week, otherwise no technology is needed

Cost and Times

Daily from 9am to 2:00pm – various dates

The Intro session and one Elective costs $3,400 (min 10)

If two electives - costs $3,400 + $2.400 = $5,800

If three electives - costs $5.800 + $2,200 = $8,000 (discount+ parent session via Zoom TBA)

If you want to book group of 4 or more, please contact the organiser for a discount. Also if you are interested in other dates or require more info. Or want to express an interest for a course for children aged 11 to 14

Whatsapp 9840 2917

If complete all three elective the price included a zoom session for parents to share some of the key strategies learnt.

Also, a follow on session can be arranged at an extra cost for teen to review how they are using the strategies.

Tickets are non refundable, however the organiser reserves the right to cancel or reschedule, should there not be the minimum of 10 register for the event.

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Date and Time


The Headquarters Cowork

12P Smithfield


Kennedy Town, HKI

Hong Kong

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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