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【 登記 Registration 】午間爵士音樂會 Jazz Lunch: Kylie Estrela & Jazzicians

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Fringe Dairy

Hong Kong Fringe Club

2 Lower Albert Road, Central

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong

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午間爵士音樂會 Jazz Lunch: Kylie Estrela & Jazzicians
拉闊 LiveMusic - 爵士Jazz
(三 Wed) 18-04-2018 1:00 PM
奶庫 Fringe Dairy
免費入場,請預先登記 Free admission with registration

*Limited quota. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.

備註 Remarks:

  • 歡迎自備午膳。
    You are welcome to bring your own lunch.

  • 現場設有酒吧,售賣簡單食物如三文治、蛋糕及生果。
    Cash bar will be opened during event. We will also serve simple food such as sandwiches, cakes and fruits.

  • 觀眾可於演出前30分鐘入場。
    Admission will start 30 minutes before show time.

  • 請於入場前出示已印刷的門票/電子門票。
    Please present the printed tickets/ e-tickets for admission at the door.

  • 現場設有40個座位,先到先得。餘下為企位。
    40 seats plus standing spaces. Seats are first-come-first-served.


午間爵士音樂會: Kylie Estrela & Jazzicians

如你在中環上班,想暫時逃離繁忙的工作,來藝穗會欣賞一沉醉於爵士的世界。正如爵士大師邁爾士戴維斯(Miles Davis) 所說: 「爵士可以沖走每天生活中的塵埃。」

由藝穗會主辦,午間爵士音樂會是「Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe」的節目之一,讓資深及年輕的爵士樂手可於充滿爵士情調的奶庫演出。

第四場:倔強爵將 (體驗版)


第四集午間爵士音樂會的題目 倔強爵將,除了取其有趣之意外(「倔強」與「爵將」兩個詞語在國語發音均一樣),倔強也能代表爵士樂手們對於這門被稱為小眾的曲風,抱著堅毅不屈的態度,繼續「玩」下去。而今集,Kylie Estrela將會細說「流行曲、爵士風」這個概念。

粵語流行曲對香港人的音樂成長路中佔具重要的位置,Kylie亦深受其影響。因此,在展開其爵士路之後,Kylie就極力嘗試把二者合併。自2015年起,Kylie與琴鍵手Bernard Hui開始以重編粵語流行曲成爵士風的概念基楚下合作,重編的作品亦主要在La Petite Jazzy Jam的音樂會中演奏。雖然流行曲爵士風的概念並不是新鮮事,但能夠一嚐地道的cross-over的滋味,對觀眾來說也十分具吸引力。

在創作的過程中,Kylie了解到流行曲和爵士兩者在文化和語言上的差距,因此編曲會遇到一定的難度,演繹時亦伴隨著不確定的情緒和刺激感,甚至會招到評擊。但就是身為「爵將」一份子,其倔強的性格令她繼續堅持開發這個領域。在過去三年,她精挑細選適合的曲目,在編曲方面亦多作不同嘗試和探索不同曲風的可能性,包括Swing、Bossa Nova、Fusion Jazz、Jazz Funk、Soul 和R&B。除了選取粵語流行曲外,在臺灣籍媽媽的影響下,Kylie也會挑選臺灣流行曲,再加上Bernard自己的偏好,時至今日已累積了一定數量的流行曲爵士風作品,而且能演揮灑自如地演繹每個作品背後的故事。

Kylie最後一集的午間爵士音樂會,再次邀得Made in Hong Kong 的樂手 — 除了有同時涉足流行樂壇的小號手Kwok Wing Hei和低音大提琴手Marcus Ho外,還有同是全方位的鼓手Anna Fan 的加入。他們將聯手為你帶來部份改編的華語流行曲,體驗「爵將」的倔強心思!

藝穗會票房 (852) 2521 7251

Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe」獲香港特別行政區政府「藝能發展資助計劃」的資助

節目內容並不反映香港特別行政區政府的意見 ‧ 藝穗會保留更改節目及表演者之權利

Jazz Lunch: Kylie Estrela & Jazzicians

If you work in Central, escape the hustle and bustle, come and immerse yourself in a lunchtime concert of live jazz music. As Miles Davis once said, “Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.”

Presented by the Fringe Club as one of the programmes of “Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” project, Jazz Lunch showcases an impressive jazz combo in the classy setting of the Fringe Dairy. The combo includes professional jazz musicians and young emerging talents who all appreciate the opportunity to gain exposure, showcase their musicianship and improve their skills.

P.S. Jazzicians= Jazz + Musicians

Wed 18 April 2018
4th Episode: When Juejian Juejian meets C-Pop (Have A Bite version)

Juejian has a double meaning of Persistence and Jazzicians (in Mandarin pronunciation). It has a connotation of jazzicians who persist in playing jazz even though this genre is small compared to mainstream pop music.

Since 2015, Kylie Estrela has promoted the concept of jazzified Cantopop, and has presented it in concerts by La Petite Jazzy Jam, with arranger Bernard Hui. The concept is definitely not brand new, and they’re certainly not the only people to re-arrange it, but there’s no denying that Cantopop plays a key role in Hong Kongers’ musical upbringing. So Kylie tries to embrace jazz and Cantopop, to discover what the combination might look and taste and sound like.

The culture/language/phraseology of jazz and Cantopop are totally different, which makes jazzifying and vocalising difficult. However, the jazzicians have persisted, spending time to choose songs and create jazzified pieces without being in a rush to launch them. The new arrangements could be in the style of Swing or Bossa Nova, Fusion Jazz or Jazz Funk, or maybe even Soul or R&B.

Influenced by the culture of her Taiwanese mom, Kylie has also picked some tunes from Taiwan. And Bernard has selected some pop tunes so that each concert tells its own unique story.

Today’s fourth and final Jazz Lunch, led by Kylie Estrela, features Hong Kong jazzicians Kwok Wing Hei (trumpet), Marcus Ho (bass) and Anna Fan (drums).

Fringe Club (852) 2521 7251

Jazz-Go-Central, Jazz-Go-Fringe” is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The content of these programmes does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Hong Kong Fringe Club reserves the right to change the programmes and performers

Date and Time


Fringe Dairy

Hong Kong Fringe Club

2 Lower Albert Road, Central

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong

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