Post Wave Music: The Bilinda Butchers Live in Hong Kong 2018

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The Hub

1F Fortune Building, 150-158 Lockhart Road

Wan Chai

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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**預售門票現已于White Noise Records, 觸Studio, Zoo Records 發售

**Advance ticket is now available at White Noise Records, ZUK Studio and Zoo Records.


**Online ticket is now available at


Ticket Outlet:

White Noise Records (Enquiry: 2591 0499)


1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon

(Mongkok Station A2 EXIT)

觸Studio/ZUK Studio (Enquiry: 2395 3332)


311, Sincere House, 83 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Kowloon

Zoo Records (Enquiry: 2309 2911)


Shop 325, 3/F President Commercial Centre, 608 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon

Total Information / 節目查詢:6719 1413 (Hannah)


The Bilinda Butchers [the bbs] are a music group led by Michal Kyepsky with accompaniment from Lukas Untersteiner and Adam Honingford. They take their name from My Bloody Valentine guitarist and early inspiration, Bilinda Butcher.

They are an indie pop trio based in San Francisco, CA who take their name from My Bloody Valentine guitarist and early inspiration, Bilinda Butcher. The group was formed in 2007 by schoolmates Michal Kepsky and Adam Honingford. Initially gaining a devoted fanbase on MySpace, the group’s profile expanded upon the 2011 release of their debut EP, regret, love, guilt, dreams, which was produced by Michal and future member Lukas Untersteiner. regret, love, guilt, dreams (commonly abbreviated as RLGD) was a whimsical, heartfelt pop record with catchy hooks and atmospheric production. The group followed up, the following year, with a second, equally well-received EP, titled goodbyes. goodbyes, also produced by Kepsky and Untersteiner, saw the group revisiting much of the stylistic trappings of their debut, but utilizing new songwriting and production techniques they’d developed in the interim. The group’s first two efforts can be approached as companion pieces, distinct yet connected.

Soon, drummer Ryan Wansley was incorporated as a third official member, and his influence can be heard on the more varied and developed songwriting and production on the group’s debut LP, Heaven. Heaven, released by Orchid Tapes (owned and operated by Warren Hildebrand of Foxes in Fiction), is a sprawling, narrative-focused concept album. Stylistic experimentation was a priority during the album’s conception, as was collaboration; Heaven features the talents of artists as varied as Japanese city-pop luminaries Lamp, poet Juri Nakashima, Berlin-based pop vocalist Sarah Psalti, and Los Angeles-based future-funk darling Harriet Brown.

Following the release of Heaven, the group went on a 2015 tour of the US and Canada with close friends Craft Spells. This tour, coupled with the release of a long-awaited full-length, again expanded the group’s fanbase and honed their performing abilities.

After having completed a successful month-long run with Craft Spells, the bbs settled back into the studio to work on a remix of Chicago’s Tiny Fireflies’ track, “Melody” from their debut album, The Space Between. During this period, they also produced a single for Osaka-based dream pop group Juvenile Juvenile and covered legendary Japanese alternative band Number Girl’s “Sentimental Girl’s Violent Joke” (featuring vocals from Tokyo-based electronic musician, Smany) for the Japan-only tribute compilation, Good-Bye SCHOOL GIRL.

After a string of intermittent shows with acts like Ryan Hemsworth, Mutual Benefit, Julie Byrne, Heavenly Beat, and Creepers, the group was invited by Lieselotte Wang of yeRecords to headline a series of dates in Asia in mid-2016, which had been a goal of the band since its inception. This successful two-week tour included shows with a slew of incredibly talented Asia-based groups, including Manic Sheep (Taiwan), DYGL (Japan), and Thud (Hong Kong).

Following their tour of Asia, the group felt a new sense of purpose, and decided collectively to dedicate themselves more seriously to the project. It was at this point that long-time producer Lukas Untersteiner became an official member. Regrettably, due to a cross-country move,Drummer Ryan Wansley departed from the bbs at the end of 2016. Though this shake-up in the lineup was initially stressful, the group decided to persevere and adapt, and quickly developed a leaner live set-up that does not rely on live drums. Their first performance with the new lineup was opening for Swedish dream pop heroes The Radio Dept., another career-long goal for the group.

In 2017, the group is feeling reinvigorated and is working hard on new music videos, merchandise, and most importantly, a full-length follow-up to Heaven, tentatively titled night and blur. night and blur will see the group expanding into new generic territory but maintaining their dedication to experimentation. the bbs are thrilled to continue to make music and perform for their fans, who make the more trying aspects of being in a band completely worth it.


如果 DIIV 是一道編織末日黃昏的絢爛光景,那來自美國西海岸的The Bilinda Butchers 則是繁華都市裏幻滅閃爍的街燈,隨著夜幕降臨、飛車急速掠過而不斷消失又浮現。就這樣持續地穿梭在街邊小巷,直到音樂消逝、燈光褪去,然後再一次被點亮,不斷循環,一同達到“一切都消逝的邊界”……

初次聽到The Bilinda Butchers的時候,相信很多的歌迷都會疑惑這是一支My Bloody Valentine的美女吉他手他Bilinda Butchers組建的以自己名字命名的新樂隊嗎?

點開他們的音樂後才恍然大悟過來,原來這是一支來自美國西海岸加州北部舊金山的夢幻流行樂隊。因為太過喜愛 My Bloody Valentine ,所以才用樂隊靈魂人物之一的Bilinda Butchers作為自己的團名。

The Bilinda Butchers的兩位創團人 Michal Palmer(主唱兼吉他)和 Adam Honingford(貝司)本是多年的同窗好友。那時候 Michal 剛從波蘭移民到美國,熟悉的朋友與環境都變得遙不可及,當時又正值青春期的他生活中又有許多無法言喻的躁郁與不安。不過當他認識了喜歡動漫與日本音樂的 Adam 之後,他的世界被徹底的改變了。

Michal還在一篇采訪中提及,他們當年是怎麽一起學吉他的。當時 Adam正在上吉他課,他也想學吉他,後來他爸爸也給他買了一把。於是 Adam 把白天在吉他課上學到的東西,晚上回家之後立馬給 Michal 上課。他還記得 Adam 教會他的第一首歌是 The Beatles 的《Blackbird》。熟悉了不少前輩樂隊的創作路子,吉他也練得如火純青了,Michal 和 Adam 有了創作的念頭,“是騾子是馬,到了該給大家遛遛的時候了”。

2008年他們發行了一張Demo合集《Away》,這張合集裏的歌大多創作於07和08年之間。雖然有點兒粗糙,但是從《Lost in translation》和《While I'm alone》這些曲子裏,能看出樂隊後來一直保持著的清亮、簡潔的夢幻吉他噪音和飄渺溫柔的迷幻人聲。歌名和歌詞都淺顯易懂,好像孤獨的男孩、孤獨的女孩在青春期即將結束的時候,用吉他寫下來的日記。

他們的音樂第一次被人真正提及並產生濃厚興趣是在3年之後發行的那張EP 《Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams》。EP封面是兩個正在抽煙的抑郁美國女青年,而那股模糊、粗顆粒質感的調色,讓人聯想到了香港導演王家衛的電影作品,而EP最後一首歌《Secrets》的結尾部分,還加上了一段《2046》裏梁朝偉與章子怡的中文對白。這首歌也成為樂隊在中國打開知名度的重要作品。這張EP也是由Michal與未來會加入樂隊的Lukas Untersteiner共同制作的。

東方文化對他們的影響是有目共睹的,此前Demo集合裏出現了《迷失東京》和《Japan Time》的歌名,以及第一張EP裏王家衛電影風格的主視覺封面,以及他的電影對白的采樣,在歌曲《Sigh》的開頭,你還能聽到熟悉的日式東方撥弦樂器。他們也曾多次在媒體上談及日本漫畫、手遊、電影和音樂對他們的影響,甚至還憧憬著將來去日本定居。

2011年鼓手Ryan Wansley參與了他們的巡演,後來正式加入了TheBilinda Butchers。他們也正式從兩人樂隊上升成編制更完善的三人樂隊,Ryan帶來了屬於自己的特色,在歌曲創作與平時排練上給了他們兩人更多有意思的意見和靈感,並且彌補了很多創作上的不足,也使得後面的作品,聽上去更豐滿,節奏跳躍性更大,而不再一味的僅依靠合成器和吉他營造出的舒緩或歡快的氛圍。

在發行了3張EP作品之後,2014年樂隊終於發行了首張全長專輯,這張名為《Heaven》的唱片是一張概念專輯,主人公是生活在19世紀日本的一位年輕姑娘,這張專輯就是她的日記的配樂BGM. 參與錄音的還有日本藝人Lamp, 詩人Juri Nakashima, 柏林歌手Sarah Paslti和洛杉磯未來主義放克藝人Harriet Brown。

2016年,他們曾有幸造訪了一次亞洲,在中國大陸,臺灣,香港和日本東京演出。這次巡演令Michal與Adam對他們的音樂項目有了更深的認識,他們決定在The BBs上投入更多的精力。也是在這時,Lukas Untersteiner成為了樂隊固定成員。然而鼓手Ryan Wansley搬家到美國東海岸令他在樂隊的工作無法再繼續。這無疑給樂隊帶來相當大的打擊,但是他們設法適應變化,讓現場演出不再需要真鼓。

The Bilinda Butchers 是一支出了名的慢工出細活的樂隊,除了去年在廠牌Zoom Lens發行的合集《Metempsychosis》裏收錄了一首新歌《Lotus Eaters》之外,很少見他們發表新作。近年樂團成員除了完成大學學業之外,也在其它音樂項目上開始了新的嘗試。值得一提的是《Lotus Eaters》這首新歌跟以往歌曲的風格差異日漸明顯,能看出這些年他們各自在創作上的進步。

此次“後浪潮”將邀請他們再次造訪香港,他們會帶著被樂迷期盼已久的新專輯與廣大香港樂迷見面。不知道這兩年裏,The Bilinda Butchers樂隊到底經歷了哪些蛻變與成長,也許只有親歷了他們的現場,才能看出他們與過往的與眾不同。樂隊第二張專輯《Night and Blur》即將發行。

Michal Kepsky – 主唱/吉他
Adam Honingford – 吉他
Lukas Untersteiner – 貝司
Brock Lowry – 鼓

5月15日周二晚上,The Bilinda Butchers將來到香港灣仔The Hub,為大家呈現一場精彩絕倫的演出!喜歡他們的朋友,請千萬不要錯過!

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Date and Time


The Hub

1F Fortune Building, 150-158 Lockhart Road

Wan Chai

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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