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Kowloon Street Art Tour - The Graffiti Hall of Fame 九龍街頭藝術探索之旅

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Mong Kok East MTR Exit C 旺角東地鐵站C出口

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Refund Policy

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We would only operate a tour with a minimum of three participants. If attendants are fewer than required, we will send a notification to your registered email 24 hrs before the event starting time, and initiate the refund process. Please make sure you have provided the right email address and contact information, thanks!

Now there will be 10% off for two people signing up together. Call your friends and explore Accidental Art together!


Wild style.



Bubble Tags.


Can you imagine seeing all these types of street art in one alley?

Welcome to the Hong Kong Graffiti Hall of Fame。

It is a hidden patch of organic graffiti that just grows wild in a quiet haven adjacent to a chaotic neighbourhood. It bursts with color … and trash … and homeless people and ART. All is here today might be gone tomorrow. The walls are regularly replenished, some seriously styled. Local artist names are here, but so are a lot of international names.


Do you want to check this secret spot hidden from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong? Come and join us for a one hour tour around Mong Kok area! For the very first time, we are going to share with you the stories behind the fabulous hidden art pieces in the most secret alley in Hong Kong.

Price: HKD 260 Per Person (walk-in: 300HKD)

HKD 468 for two (10% OFF)

When: Saturady 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM English

Max: 12 Participants per tour

Who: Art lovers with inquisitive mind

Wear and accessory: comfortable shoes, and maybe umbrella in rainy days. Please note that the tour does not cover insurance

Meet Up Point: Mong Kok East MTR Exit C

Cancellation Policy: Please note all tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. Tour will only be cancelled under announcement of Red/Black rainstorm warning or Typhoon #3 or above from HK observatory

Late Arrival Policy: In the interest of other tour members, we wait maximum 10 minutes for any client running late.

Reschedule Policy: if you have any unexpected reason to reschedule the tour, please notify us 24 hours in advance

Langauge: English.

Contact us: Please don't hesitate to email us at any time. In the case of emergency (such as getting lost before or during the activity, please call +852 6588 6440 or +852 5488 5045.

你能想象在一条小巷子里看到上面全部这些街头艺术吗? 撞艺术崭新的 ——九龙街头艺术步行团五月即将展开,带你走进香港涂鸦艺术名人堂 - 油尖旺!


这里是香港最嘈杂繁华的街区,这里隐藏着香港最神秘的涂鸦胜地,街头艺术在这有机生长,孕育着这个城市的街头力量。 天桥底下的涂鸦胜地,有着丰富的色彩和你意想不到的文化碰撞与和谐。 风格的碰撞与时间的印迹 涂鸦艺术家必争之地,你会看到多种风格的涂鸦和技艺。 你会看到艺术家们精湛的绘画技巧,严肃的创作态度和鲜明的个人风格。 你会看到本地艺术家对传统的融合,还有国外艺术家“踢馆”之作。 撞艺术的艺术专家还会给你讲述分析各种风格技艺的由来和历史,还有涂鸦艺术家们背后的故事(爱恨情仇)。 今天看到的一切,明天可能就会消失,墙上的作品更新之迅速,令你难以想象。只留下墙壁上厚如饼干的颜料涂层,给你留下无限的想象空间,曾经有多少艺术家为一篇墙而战,为荣誉而作画。 深入市井,走近历史 这里也是香港最传统最有历史感的街区之一,跟着撞艺术走街串巷,感受这里的历史变迁吧。



活动简介: 想要去探访香港涂鸦艺术名人堂吗?加入我们,游走旺角,让我们带你发现隐藏在街头巷尾的或震撼、或有趣、或价值连城的涂鸦艺术,听听背后不为人知的故事。

价格: 每位260元港币/ 双人报名共468港币/ walk-in: 300港币

时间: 星期六 13:00 – 14:30(普通话团)

人数限制: 十二人满员

穿着装备: 可以走一个小时的舒适的鞋;夏天也许需要雨具和自备饮品。请注意该团不包括任何形式的保险。

集合地点: 港铁东铁线-旺角东地铁站C出口

取消政策: 请注意一旦预订将无法取消或转售,但遇到香港天文台发布红雨警告、黑雨警告、3号台风或以上时,我们将会取消该团并提供退款或是改期的选择


改期政策: 如果您由于无法预测的原因而不能参加,请提前24个小时告诉我们,逾期我们将无法安排改期

联系我们:欢迎您随时电邮我们 如遇紧急情况(例如在活动开始前或中途迷路),请拨打+852 6588 6440 或 +852 54885045.

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Mong Kok East MTR Exit C 旺角東地鐵站C出口

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