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190 Keng Lee Rd

Chui Huay Lim Club 4th Level Ballroom

(Newton MRT station 4-min walk)

Singapore, 308409

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Only when a leader has a soul, can his enterprise have a soul!

Established in 1989, Spiritual Ocean International Group (心灵海国际教育集团), the parent company of SOHEAVEN (企业魂), is an international education group that advocates personal and spiritual growth of each individual.

Our vision: In 20 years, making the entire world familiar with the 3 principles for life success. In another 20 years, liberate every individual on this planet from his Vortex of Life to create a loving and wealthy paradise on earth 创造富而有爱的人间天堂.

In the past 7 years, SOHEAVEN (企业魂) has held more than 1,188 world class workshops, each with participants ranging from 50 to 1,200 students, in over 11 countries and territories including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and USA.

Our flagship program ‘The Journey of Creation’ 创造之旅 has directly influenced more than 380,000 people in their body, soul and spiritual growth. Every month without fail, we conduct 5 to 10 such courses in different locations, often filling full houses with each venue.

In July 2017, SOHEAVEN’s program is made available in Singapore. Since then, we have conducted 5 runs of SOHEAVEN’s flagship program “Journey of Creation” in Singapore and trained over 300 participants.

SOHEAVEN differs from other training programs in the market by continuing to focus on the in-depth study of human beings’ body, soul, and spirit with the aim to take us away from the despair and heartache caused by primary relationship, career, and financial problems.

Every problem we faced in these three major life categories is all because subconsciously, we are still living in a slumber state. Hence, true awakening is the only answer to unlocking the key to the problems.

  • Only when you are truly awake, can your consciousness be enlightened,
  • Only when you are truly awake, can your energy stay fresh,
  • Only when you are truly awake, can you have surpassed power
  • Only when you are truly awake, can you see your future path clearly

The journey of creation is one of the few workshops in the world that encompasses all aspects of life in their teachings.


Date: March 31 and 1 April 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)

Time: 9 am to 9 pm

Venue: Chui Huay Lim Club 4th Level Ballroom, 190 Keng Lee Rd, S 308409

This 2-days workshop is a social service program, meaning we do not charge you any training fees. Originally offered at RMB20,000 or S$4,000 in China and Taiwan, we now offer this 2-days high-value workshop to you totally FREE of training fees. To cover the cost of materials, meals cost for 2-days, overseas trainers’ travelling expenses, training props, music and sound system, and training venue that can accommodate 150 people, we only collect from you S$299 per person or S$500 for 2 for a 2-days program complete with meals.

The magical 2-days workshop would let you come to realize how much limitations you have set in your life with your own beliefs and emotional status.

Whether it is in the area of your state of being, relationship with your family, your career, wealth, health, and motivation in life, through this powerful workshop, you will win back your power and mould and shape your life and the future as you want it to be.

2-days Workshop Contents: (in Mandarin)

1. State of Life Diagram from despair to creation and passion

2. Life Phenomenon as seen in a movie

3. Vortex of Life from powerless to powerful

4. 3-Steps Processing to eradicate the vortex of life

5. Drawing the Cosmic Force to solve all your life’s problems

6. Your inner world and the link to your outer world

7. Give it all: how to have this thinking

8. How to get to the paradise on earth in 4 steps

9. Getting to the root of all your hidden beliefs

10. Integrating the opposites in your life to produce the real You

11. How to increase your Maturity Quotient

12. Uncovering your hidden resistance: roadblocks to your life’s success

13. How to turnaround in your relationships with your family and others

14. Your Business Enterprise and Building a Dream Team

15. Wealth and You

16. Realising your purpose in life

Methods of Workshop:

· Trainers’ dynamic presentation and coaching

· Group discussions and case studies

· Individual exploring

· Group exercises

· Games

· Lectures from Chief Trainer Robert Yu via video

  • Upbeat music

2 International Trainers:

1. Mr Kelvin Lee (Soheaven General Manager, Taiwan)

2. Ms Liang Jiayu, Soheaven Hong Kong Trainer (Hong Kong)

Watch the short video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpjpMlbZFLw&t=26s

Enquiry: Andy Ng 吴家发 at 8201-4347

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Date and Time


190 Keng Lee Rd

Chui Huay Lim Club 4th Level Ballroom

(Newton MRT station 4-min walk)

Singapore, 308409

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