International Mother's Day Movie - Hi, Mom

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2021 Mother's Day Movie - Hi, Mom

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Language: Chinese, Subtitle: English.

Time: 13:00-15:00 or 15:30 – 17:30, May 8th, 2021, Saturday.

Venue: China film international cinema (No.25, Xinjiekou Wai Street, Haidian District, Beijing).

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Storyline of Hi, Mom (Nihao, Li Huanying)

Neither talented in her childhood nor outstanding after growing up, the protagonist Jia Xiaoling (starring Jia Ling) feels that she is not a daughter that makes her mother Li Huanying (middle-aged, starring Liu Jia) proud. In 2001, Li was seriously injured in a car accident and left at death’s door. Jia, stricken by grief, fell asleep at her mother’s bedside. Suddenly, she traveled back to 1981 to Shengli Chemical Factory and met her mother (young, starring Zhang Xiaofei) who worked there.

As her mother’s “younger cousin” from the city, Jia tried everything to get close to and please her mother, hoping to change her seemingly unfulfilling life and make up for what she should have done as a daughter. With the help of Jia, her mother’s life changed dramatically. She defeated her co-worker Wang Qin to become the first person owning a television in the factory. She stood out in a volleyball game of the factory and got the manager’s attention who asked her to date his son Shen Guanglin (starring Shen Teng). Even though Jia knew that she would not have come to the world if her mother had married Shen, she decided to sacrifice herself to help her mother lead a better life. However, Li still chose to marry Jia Wentian, a boiler worker who she had been in love with for three years and would become Jia’s father. To Jia’s surprise, her mother, who knew nothing about sewing when she was young, was able to patch her pants with the skill she acquired later in life. It dawned on her that her mother also traveled back in time, even earlier than she did.

More details flashed back in her memory. When she fell from the sky during the time travel, her mother recognized her at first sight, shouted “my baby” and rushed to cushion her against the heavy blow. When she could not explain who she was, her mother deliberately said she was her cousin and saved her from embarrassment. When she thought winning the volleyball game was about changing her mother’s fate, the only thing that mattered to her mother was to satisfy her wish. When she performed on stage, her mother looked up at her from the audience, laughing and crying with profound love. Finally, when she achieved success and drove her car down the street, her mother, who should have been there by her side, was gone forever.

As Chinese netizens say, we often think we have deep love for our mother. It turns out that a mother’s love is greater than we could ever imagine. The film expresses the daughter’s sense of guilt to her mother. More importantly, it is a eulogy composed by director Jia Ling to her mother. The beautiful, kindhearted and selfless Li Huanying in the film is a symbol of a perfect mother in the heart of Jia Ling and all.

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