Indian Meditative Art Workshop 減壓‧ 隨心‧ 禪繞畫工作坊

Indian Meditative Art Workshop 減壓‧ 隨心‧ 禪繞畫工作坊

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ICE Inter Cultural Education

16 Hung To Road


Hong Kong, KOW

Hong Kong

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Free your stress through art

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來自印度的前時裝設計師Shraddha將會引領大家,觀察自己心情嘅轉變,擺脫你恐懼、慾望、煩燥嘅束縛, 喺畫紙上畫出自己嘅世界。

Doodle refers to drawing freely through intuition and randomness, freeing oneself from constraints. The balance between black and white is struck by the use of a line of varying thickness. People gradually discovered that drawing with randomness is a useful skill to be practiced, and a means for one to learn to follow his thought and for his mind to reach a state of deep focus.

Our instructor from India, Shraddha, will guide you through the process of observing your changing moods, freeing you from your fears, desires and anxieties, and drawing your own world on paper.

日期 Date:25/8/2022 (Thursday)

時間 Time :8-930 pm (1.5 hr)

地點 Venue : 1208, 16 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong

語言 Language:English 輔以廣東話

名額 Quota:10 (minimum 5)

費用 Fee:$250 (連A4 size畫紙,畫筆可一併帶走 Can bring home A4 size artwork and doodle pen)



請輸入100% off優惠碼「EXPLORER」遞交申請,再傳送付款証明到 WhatsApp 56043139

恒生 Hang Seng: 788-002 681-883


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We are Inter Cultural Education (ICE), a social enterprise aiming to educate people to appreciate and be able to accept the cultural diversity of the world. ICE has helped more than 30,000 people in Hong Kong to connect and understand the world better through cross-cultural dialogues.

In the past 10 years, ICE has worked with people from more than 85 countries from all walks of life to promote the solidarity of a local community with the international community. Due to the situation under COVID-19, we are offering a special online programme called Explorers' Month, to bring the world to the public without leaving the city through a series of events. Follow our social media to learn more about world cultures:




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