智能流程自動化(IA)培訓: 初階開發人員證書 (基礎)

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智能流程自動化(IA)培訓: 初階開發人員證書 (基礎) Intelligent Automation (IA) Training: Junior Developer Certification Ready (Fundamentals)

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課程目的 Course Objectives

本課程針對負責開發及維護機器人流程自動化(RPA) 的技術人員及對機器人流程自動化感興趣人士而設 -- 自2016年至今,RPA為每年增長最快的科技領域之一。本課程提供導師即場指導,讓參加者獲得基礎RPA開發人員認證所需的知識和技能。完成整個基礎及進階課程後,參加者將有足夠的能力應付基礎RPA開發人員認證,並充分準備成為初級RPA開發人員,為他或她的僱主構建企業級的機器人流程自動化。 [備註: 2天為基礎課程]

This course is intended for people who aspire to build and maintaining robotic process automation (RPA) (aka “bots”) -- this is the fastest growing tech sector every year since 2016 until current. This course provides guided, live instructor training to enable a learner to acquire the knowledge and skills required to sit for official RPA developer certification. Upon completion of fundamental and advanced training the learner will be ”certification ready” and also fully prepared to serve as a junior RPA developer capable of building enterprise grade automations for his or her employer. [Note: this 2 day course is the fundamental level training.]

課程目標 Course Outcomes


  • 有足夠的能力應付基礎RPA開發人員認證
  • 創建和管理VBO和流程
  • 管理及控制機器人和流程
  • 根據不同的業務需求部署和管理軟件機器人

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Gain the capability for the junior RPA developer certification examination
  • Create and manage their own business objects and processes
  • Manage sessions and control robots and processes
  • Deploy and manage RPA bots in accordance with different business needs

誰該參加 Who Should Attend?

  • 開發人員 Developers and Programmers
  • 負責RPA系統管理的IT專業技術人員 IT professionals in charge of deploying RPA within their organization
  • 對機器人流程自動化感興趣的專業人士 Technical business people interested in deploying a robotic workforce

課程特色 Course Features and Benefits

  • 本課程為期2天,共2堂 (12小時)的導師專業指導訓練 This course is 2 days (2 sessions),12 hours of total instructor-led and guided training
  • 提供課堂教材,導師筆記及其他相關資源 Training materials, instructor handouts and access to useful resources are provided
  • 提供機器人流程開發練習及代源碼 Practical hands-on exercises and actual coding scripts are provided
  • 真實案例及場景分享 Real-life scenarios and case studies

課程時間表 Course Schedule

Day 1: 22 May 2021, 10:00am - 4:00pm HKT

Day 2: 29 May 2021, 10:00am - 4:00pm HKT

課程形式 Format of Course

如參加人數超過5位,是此課程會以課室導師指導形式進行 (本課程會根據COVID-19的社交距離措施作出適當調整)

With minimum 5 students, we will organize an in-class training course (subject to COVID-19 governmental and health regulations)

課程格式 Course Medium

廣東話, 英文教材 Cantonese, supplemented with English

(全英文教學需額外要求 All English is available on-demand)

課程費用 Course Fee

HKD $4,900 per head

課程大綱 Course Outline

<< Day 1 >>

  • 機器人流程自動化介紹 Introduction of Robotic Process Automation
  • 了解機器人流程自動化工具系統架構 Understand the RPA tool product architecture
  • 了解機器人流程自動化工具系統架構 Introduce RPA tool IDE
  • 自動化流程的基礎開發 Overview of RPA basic development principles
  • RPA工具深入探討 RPA tool deep dive

<< Day 2 >>

  • 熟悉完整的機器人開發過程 Familiarization with end-to-end bot building process
  • 進階機器人流程開發原則 Advanced bot development principles
  • 介紹機器人流程測試的關鍵概念 Introduce key concepts of bot testing
  • 介紹RPA工具的其他功能(例如,版本控制,執行等) Introduce additional features of RPA tools (e.g. version control, bot execution, etc.)

導師資格 Instructor Qualification

  • 本課程導師為RPA (Hong Kong), Limited 高級技術顧問
  • 本課程導師擁有超過4年RPA相關項目開發、管理及咨詢經驗
  • 本課程導師擁有超過2年學術及企業培訓教學經驗,亦為本地大學院校Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 本科碩士課程擔任講師
  • 本課程導師擁有多個RPA軟件高級開發人員認證
  • This course instructor is the Senior Technologist of RPA (Hong Kong), Limited.
  • Course instructor has at least 4 years RPA dedicated project experience in bot development, management and consulting
  • Course instructor has at least 2 years training experience in academic and enterprise sectors, he is also one of the universities course instructors of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Master degree programme
  • Course instructor is certified as advanced RPA developer in multiple RPA software

如有任何問題,歡迎電郵致: training@RPA.HK

Questions: training@RPA.HK

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