HKIFF46 免費放映《踏血尋梅》HKIFF46 Free Screening, Port of Call

HKIFF46 免費放映《踏血尋梅》HKIFF46 Free Screening, Port of Call

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Emperor Cinemas Times Square

1 Matheson Street

Hong Kong, HKI

Hong Kong

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光影浪潮 香港電影新動力 Making Waves - Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema

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日期及時間:8月29日(日) 下午12時15分

地點:英皇戲院 銅鑼灣時代廣場

2015 | 120分鐘 | III


Looking back over the past 25 years, the Hong Kong film industry has gone through many changes, from entertaining genre productions to experimental independent films, to co-productions with the mainland and creative personal stories from a younger generation of filmmakers. Through their stories and characters, the filmmakers reflect on the changing landscape of our city, while capturing the pivotal moments in the history of Hong Kong cinema and in the lives of Hong Kong people – from authentic slice-of-life dramas through children's innocent eyes, uproarious comedies, poignant melodramas, ground-breaking crime thrillers, and riveting period pieces to the vivid portraits of the younger generation. This special programme features the seminal works that offer insights into a new vista of Hong Kong cinema. Create Hong Kong and the HKIFFS are pleased to co-present ten screenings that exemplify the diversity and creativity of post-1997 Hong Kong cinema, alongside an exhibition of film and behind-the-scenes stills by four renowned unit photographers.

Online registration will start at 10 am on 5 Aug. Each person is entitled to 1 ticket. Limited seats are available. First-come, first-served.

Port of Call (Director’s Cut)

Date & Time: 29 Aug (Mon) 12:15pm

Venue: Emperor Cinemas Times Squares

2015 | 120 min | III



以真實援交少女肢解案為藍本,翁子光拍出不一樣的奇案電影。少女遇害,兇手自首,人證物證俱在,臧Sir 追查死因,更想追問兇案為何發生,追問人性底蘊與生存意義。案情既殘忍又魔幻,影片呈現子聰肢解佳梅的血腥過程,也在解剖這兩個處於社會邊緣的孤獨靈魂,如何被困在看不見風景的房間,以肉體暫借溫暖,以毒品尋求慰藉,到頭來陷於絕望之境,跌入人心的黑暗角落。春夏與白只初試啼聲已大放異彩,幕後更有杜可風、廖慶松、杜篤之聯手加持。


A teenage prostitute is murdered, her body cut up and flushed down the toilet, and her head thrown into Victoria Harbour. Based on a true crime, director Philip Yung’s thriller focuses not on the investigation, but on the victim and her family, the cop and his family, and the killer who lacks a family. A portrait of Hong Kong residents and wanderers that progresses as it digresses, revealing complicated lives and actions, out of order and beyond reason. Named Best Picture of 2015 by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.


(i) 根據最新的社交距離措施,放映場地的觀眾入座人數不超過原定可容納人數的8成半。報名程序中,系統會提供當時可供選擇的位置,觀眾亦可自行選擇座位。

According to the latest social distancing measures, The number of audience members in screening venue will be limited to 85% of the original capacity. The computerized registration system will automatically assign a random available seat for the audience, or the audience can choose their preferred seat.

(ii) 請於放映前30分鐘到達放映場地,並出示有效電子門票或列印本,向本會工作人員登記,換領入場門票。


Admission tickets redemption will start 30 minutes prior to the screening. Attendees who have made the reservation must present their e-tickets or paper tickets to HKIFFS staff for admission ticket redemption.

The reservation will be voided if E-tickets or paper tickets are not redeemed after the screening started. Thank you for your attention.

(iii) 如有任何爭議,香港國際電影節協會保留最終決定權。

In the event of a dispute, HKIFFS's decision shall be final.

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