香港金融科技協會 (FTAHK) 呈獻:代幣經濟-香港加密貨幣的製度化(廣東話)

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KPMG Offices

8/F, Princes Building, 10 Chater Road

Central, HKI

Hong Kong

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香港金融科技協會(FTAHK)呈獻:代幣經濟-香港加密貨幣的製度化(廣東話) FTAHK Presents: Token Economy - Institutionalization of Cryptocurrency in HK (Cantonese Session)

About this Event


- 6:30 - 7pm: 註冊/聯誼

- 7 - 7:05pm: 介绍

- 7:05 - 7:20pm: 演講者1 – Edmund To, Consensys: 證劵型代幣簡介

- 7:20 - 7:35pm: 演講者2 – 沈嘉灝,畢馬威:將您的加密業務制度化/如何建立目標運營模型和舒適度監管

- 7:35 - 8:15 小組討論


討論嘉賓:沈嘉灝, 畢馬威會計師事務所

討論嘉賓2:Winnie Mak, Executive Director (Corporate Finance), OAX Foundation

討論嘉賓3:Brian Yap, BC Group

討論嘉賓4:Edmund To, Consensys


- 8:15 - 9pm: 聯誼時段



- 6:30 - 7pm : Registration / networking

- 7pm Ms. Bowie Lau, MaGESpire (MC to kick start) – 1 min

- 7pm FTAHK - opening/introduction 5 mins

- 7:05 - 7:20pm : Edmund To, Consensys: Security Tokens Synopsis

- 7:20 - 7:35pm : Speaker 2 – Stanley Sum, KPMG: Institutionalization of your crypto business / how to build a target operating model and comfort regulation

- 7:35 - 8:15pm : Panel discussion

  • Topic: Token Economy Post Sale Matters (we will deep dive the matters including market conduct & manipulation, Cross-border regulation/investor management and accounting)
  • Panelist 1: Stanley Sum, KPMG
  • Panelist 2: Winnie Mak, OAX Foundation
  • Panelist 3: Brian Yap, BC Group
  • Panelist 4: Edmund To, Consensys
  • Moderator: Ms. Bowie Lau, MaGESpire

- 8:15 - 9pm :Networking / End of Event

We would like to thank KPMG for hosting the event.

Speakers' Bio:

Edmund To, Solutions Architect, ConsenSys

Edmund To is a solutions architect at ConsenSys where he is working with enterprises and startups to solve real-world problems by leveraging blockchain technologies, in particular using Ethereum. Prior to joining ConsenSys, he worked as a software engineer and had commercial experience with a number of public and enterprise blockchains. He also had an investment banking background with a focus on equity and equity derivatives.

ConsenSys is the leading global blockchain company with over 1000+ blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, computer scientists, engineers and business leaders across 6 continents. We are building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. ConsenSys was the technology partner on a number of Security Token Offerings (STO) globally.

Edmund To是ConsenSys的方案架構師。他主要負責與大型企業和初創公司合作,通過使用基於以太坊的區塊鏈技術來解決實際問題。 在加入ConsenSys之前,他曾擔任軟件工程師,擁有關於公鏈和企業鏈的豐富商用經驗。 此外,他還具有投資銀行背景,主要領域為股票和股票衍生品。

ConsenSys是全球領先的區塊鏈公司,在六大洲擁有超過1000多名的區塊鏈專家、創業家、計算機科學家,工程師和商業領袖。 ConsenSys致力於構建基礎架構,應用程序和實際方案,以創造一個去中心化的世界。 在全球市場,ConsenSys是許多証券型代幣(STO)的技術合作夥伴。

Stanley Sum, Director, Advisory, KPMG China

Stanley works in KPMG China’s IT Advisory practice and has over 10 years of experience advising organisations in Asia and Europe. He has led numerous projects on digital strategy, IT operating model design and solution implementation in financial services industry including fintech companies and virtual banks.

In KPMG China’s Blockchain Team, Stanley helps companies in the Fintech and Token Economy to institutionalise their business and prepare them for evolving regulations and competition by establishing financially robust strategies, customer driven operating models and agile governance models.

Stanley also served as a guest lecturer of an Information Systems Management programme for a local university.

沈嘉灝, 畢馬威中國諮詢業務總監




Bowie Lau, Founder & Managing Director, MaGESpire

Ms. Bowie Lau is the Founder & Managing Director of MaGEHold - An early-stage Technology Angel Investment Firm nurturing innovative startups in the fields of AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and IoT. She is also a founder of MaGESpire - A Technology Education & Advisory Group enabling Blockchain ventures in areas of Strategy, Architecture & Tokenomics. She is an angel investor and also a partner of True Global Ventures 4 Plus - A first-of-its-kind Global Decentralized Venture Capital Fund focused on investing into promising early-stage & late stage Blockchain startups. Bowie is a Vice-Chairman, Association of Family Office in Asia – A Strategic Collaborative Platform for Family Offices to pursue Excellence & Thought Leadership to shape the Future of Commerce.


劉寶兒小姐是MaGEHold的創始人兼董事總經理 - MaGEHold是一家早期技術天使投資公司,在人工智能,大數據,區塊鏈,網絡安全和物聯網領域培育創新創業公司。她還是MaGESpire的創始人 - 一個技術教育和諮詢小組,在戰略,建築和Tokenomics領域為區塊鏈企業提供支持。她是天使投資人,也是True Global Ventures 4 Plus的合夥人 - 這是一家全球區塊鏈投資基金,專注於投資有前途的早期和晚期區塊鏈創業公司。劉寶兒是亞洲家族辦公室協會副主席 - 家庭辦公室的戰略合作平台,追求卓越和思想領導力,塑造商業的未來。

Brian Yap, Head of Custody Development, BC Group

Brian YAP heads custody and wallet technology in BC Group. He has delved into Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and blockchain in the past few years, as he believes the technology will disrupt existing financial institutions and bring new opportunities in other industries. Brian has a deep and broad knowledge in various permissionless and permissioned blockchain projects. Prior to blockchain, he spends more than two decades building large scale systems for financial institutions.

Winnie Mak, Executive Director (Corporate Finance), OAX Foundation

Winnie Mak is the Executive Director (Corporate Finance) of OAX Foundation. Having joined the team in November 2017, Winnie established the AML policies and operating procedures for the Foundation. Her responsibilities at OAX include building the business and financial models, strategic financial planning, as well as identifying and executing M&A projects.

Winnie has decades of experience in public and private equity investment, working with leading organizations like Deutsche Bank, Alliance Bernstein, HSBC covering Hong Kong and Chinese stocks. She was also a partner at AID Partners Capital, managing private equity funds.

Winnie holds a MSc in E-commerce from The University of Hong Kong, and a BBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

About OAX Foundation: OAX Foundation was created to explore the future of decentralized exchanges and address their four main shortcomings: speed, scalability, interoperability and trust. Digital asset trading is currently dominated by centralized exchanges, which are both counter-intuitive to the nature of blockchain and vulnerable to hacking. Existing decentralized exchanges on the other hand, while tailored to the proposition of digital assets, have performance issues deep rooted in their technology. OAX Foundation’s mission is to tackle these issues and in so doing help bring decentralization to the mainstream.

Date and Time


KPMG Offices

8/F, Princes Building, 10 Chater Road

Central, HKI

Hong Kong

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