Wealth and Success with the Right Numbers

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Wealth and Success with the Right Numbers

Everyone is chasing after success, but the smart ones know that numbers can speed up our success. Find out from this high value seminar:

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How to Have More Wealth and Success with the Right Numbers

You use your handphone all the time. Each time you receive a WhatsApp message, your phone generates energy. But if your handphone number is negative, it generates negativity and pushes prosperity away. Drawing from 5,000 years of ancient Chinese Yijing and Lao Tzu Dao Dejing wisdom, we can now predict and change our future with mobile numbers: Digital Energetics

Trainer: Andy Ng (Singapore). This is an ENGLISH talk

Free talk for the first 31 respondents (value at $294)

First 9 respondents will also get a free reading of their mobile number from Teacher Li worth $186

What it covers:

  1. What is Yinjng and Yinyang role in numbers

  2. The importance of numbers in our life

  3. Reasons why your mobile number affects you the most

  4. Demonstration on how numbers affect a living thing including You as a human

  5. The first 2 sets of ferocious numbers: End of Life and 5 Ghosts

  6. Leading life numbers

  7. Wealth generating numbers 

  8. How to set the pricing for what you sell

  9. The 3 steps to changing your mobile number

  10. Case studies of people that have changed their mobile number

  11. The ultimate in numbers: change the universe

  12. FREE Reading of your mobile number (only for the first 13 people)