Experience The Perfectly Cut Diamond

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16/F SOGO Club

555 Hennessy Road

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

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Experience The Perfectly Cut Diamond

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鑽石評級中的4C包括克拉重量(Carat)、顏色(Color)、淨度(Clarity) 和車工(Cut),車工(Cut)是4C中最能影響鑽石美麗度的重要因素。當鑽石切割出完美的對稱性、完美的比例和完美的拋光時,如同所有的Hearts On Fire美鑽,將能完美折射和反射光線,呈現完美的八心八箭圖騰,並帶出鑽石的璀燦光芒。

今次工作坊邀請了來自美國鑽石評級實驗室American Gem Society Laboratories®的執行董事Mr. Jason Quick作主講嘉賓,為你解開完美車工鑽石背後的秘密。

除此之外,參加者還可現場親身體驗鑽石切割拋光,進一步了解美鑽的誕生過程。完成後將得到Hearts On Fire美鑽切割比例儀一個及神秘禮物一份。SOGO Rewards會員更可額外獲贈Hearts On Fire限量版鑽石形八達通乙個(面值HK$50)。

American Gem Society Laboratories® 背景資料

AGS Laboratories®是歷史悠久的鑽石評級實驗室,也是北美洲最備受推崇的非牟利會員制組織,為珠寶商提供專業認證服務。AGS於1996年創立AGS Laboratories,是車工分析及光學表現方面的權威,所用的專利AGS車工等級制度更是全球唯一以科學為本的同級評估制度。

自AGS Laboratories®成立以來,Hearts On Fire一直與實驗室緊密合作。所有Hearts On Fire美鑽皆符合AGS Triple Zero® (000)認證標準,並隨附AGS Laboratories的鑽石品質證書。





時間:1.5 小時

地點:崇光百貨銅鑼灣店 16樓




1. 車工如何影響鑽石的光芒

2. 透過現場鑑賞鑽石,了解何謂完美車工

3. 親身體驗鑽石切割過程

Program Information for the “Experience The Perfectly Cut Diamond” Workshop


Diamond grading in 4Cs includes Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. Among the 4Cs, it is an undeniable fact that the cut is the most important factor in determining the beauty of a diamond. Only diamonds with perfect symmetry, proportion and polishing, like all Hearts On Fire diamonds, can fully reflect and refract light, revealing a ring of flawlessly matched hearts at the bottom and a brilliant eight-pointed Fireburst on top.

In this workshop, Mr. Jason Quick, the Executive Director of the American Gem Society Laboratories®, and HOF Diamond Cutting Master will reveal the secret behind the expert craftsmanship of diamonds.

Participants will be invited to engage in the diamond cutting process of perfectly cut diamonds and are entitled to redeem Hearts On Fire perfect proportion scope and an exclusive gift upon completion of the workshop. SOGO Rewards Members are exclusively entitled to redeem a limited edition Hearts On Fire diamond shaped octopus card (valued HK50).

Background of the American Gem Society Laboratories®

AGS Laboratories® is a diamond grading laboratory with a prestigious history. The “AGS” stands for the American Gem Society, which is one of the most respected nonprofit membership organizations in North America offering professional credentials for jewelers. In 1996, AGS created AGS Laboratories to fill a need in the diamond industry for a nonprofit laboratory that shared their mission of consumer protection and business ethics. Known as the premier laboratory for cut analysis and light performance, AGS Laboratories utilizes the patented AGS cut gradesystem, the only scientifically-based and peer-reviewed system in the world.

Hearts On Fire has worked closely with the AGS Laboratories® since its establishment. Together with a certificate issued by the AGS Laboratories®, every Hearts On Fire diamond has met the AGS Triple Zero® standard.


Date : 23/02/2019 - 24/02/2019

Timeslots : 12:00, 15:00, 18:00

Quota : 30 participants/ session

Duration : 1.5 hours

Venue : 16/F SOGO Club, SOGO CWB

Language : English and Cantonese

Ticket : Free of charge

Highlight of the event

1. How cutting affects the light performance of a diamond

2. Understand what is meant to be the perfectly cut diamonds through on-site appreciation

3. Experience the diamond cutting process

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Date and Time


16/F SOGO Club

555 Hennessy Road

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

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