Dream Impact Book Club (Mar 2023)

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Dream Impact Book Club (Mar 2023)

Book: Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity - Signed up by 27 March 書籍:《自閉群像:我們如何從治療異數, 走到接納多元》 請於 3月27日前報名

By Dream Impact 夢創成真

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Wednesday, March 29 · 7 - 8pm HKT


Dream Impact 夢創成真 Unit C, 4/F 760 Cheung Sha Wan Road Hong Kong, KOW Hong Kong

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  • 1 hour
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In "Neurotribes," Silberman explores the history of autism, from its early identification as a disorder to the present day. He challenges the prevailing view of autism as a disease or tragedy and instead argues for a more nuanced understanding of autism as a form of neurodiversity. Drawing on interviews with autistic individuals, parents, and experts, Silberman provides a compelling and thought-provoking perspective on autism and its place in society.


In Chapter 2, how did Hans Asperger's work contribute to our understanding of autism? What were some of the key insights and observations that he made about autistic individuals?

In Chapter 6, Silberman argues that autism is not a single, uniform condition, but rather a spectrum of different experiences and traits. What are some of the different ways that autism can manifest, and how can this diversity be better understood and appreciated?

In Chapter 10, Silberman discusses the history of eugenics and its impact on the perception of disability and difference. How have these ideas influenced our understanding of autism, and what are some of the consequences of this perspective?

In Chapter 14, Silberman explores the link between autism and technology, particularly in the tech industry. What are some of the unique strengths and abilities that autistic individuals bring to this field, and how can we work to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for neurodiverse individuals in tech?


在《自閉群像:我們如何從治療異數, 走到接納多元》一書中,作者: 史提夫・希伯曼 (Steve Silberman)探討了自閉症的歷史,從它早期被識別為一種疾病到現在。他挑戰了自閉症被視為一種疾病或悲劇的普遍觀點,而主張更細緻的自閉症理解,即自閉症是神經多樣性的一種形式。通過對自閉症人士、家長和專家的訪談,Silberman提供了一個引人深思且有說服力的自閉症觀點和其在社會中的位置。


在第2章中,漢斯·阿斯伯格(Hans Asperger)的工作如何促進了我們對自閉症的理解?他對自閉症人士做出的一些重要洞見和觀察是什麼?




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