Dream Big Think Small 大夢細想

Dream Big Think Small 大夢細想

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【Dream Big Think Small 】【大夢細想】

About this event

Dream Big Think Small

In the past 2 years we have been reinventing the way we live. From individual to social, study to work to leisure, and even reality to the metaverse, a lot has changed and we are still reinventing and adapting at the same time. This gave us the opportunity to rethink and reimagine what we were used to, and how we want the future to be. From a personal level to a society, we can create a new identity for ourselves or even an online society. Thomas Thwaites even thought about taking a holiday from being human. It’s almost like designing our own dream.

What is a dream? Asleep we dream. Without a purpose as it may seem, it is more than just an imaginary adventure. Studies have shown we dream to process the data collected, some we remember, some we don’t. For those that stay after waking up, they could be our inspirations and it can even be a creative solution. Awake we dream too. Dream is between our goals and the impossible. It’s something we want to achieve, with positivity. It takes a bit more imagination and vision to make it happen, and gives meaning to what we do.

Designers sometimes work in a similar way. First to create a scenario that is almost fictional, then we research and design based on it. It lets our imaginations grow, and can inspire others to see more possibilities for our future. Projects in the exhibition might seem fictional, but most of them are already happening in our daily life. “Dream Big Think Small” encourages all of us to dream bigger and make these dreams real through design.


這兩年以來我們的生活不斷地被重塑。不知不覺間,不同層面上都正在改變。無論是個人抑或整個社會,由學習、工作到娛樂,甚至從現實世界到元宇宙,大概現在我們仍在發掘和適應中。這也同時給予了我們機會去重新去想像我們曾經熟悉的,以及未來改變的可能性。今時今日人們能在個人或社會層面上創造新身份,甚至開始生活於虛擬社群。英國設計師Thomas Thwaites 就想到不如來放個假,放下自己「人」的身份去當了幾天「羊」。這個項目就如將自己夢境世界實踐出來一樣。

夢是甚麼?有研究說,發夢就是我們腦袋處理資訊的過程。這是睡着所發的夢。我們每天有意無意接收了很多資訊,在睡眠當中會把資訊處理,這是沒有既定的次序或邏輯。當我們醒來後記得的,就是「夢」。「夢」好像沒有用途,但實際有其作用;留在腦海裏的夢境往往帶來靈感並啟發我們用創意解決問題。至於我們清醒時也會發夢是吧? 那就是夢想。夢想像是個目標,在可能與不可能之間。請記著,這是正面的。若能加上想像和遠見,夢想就有機會實現,並為我們的生活帶來意義。


Date & Time:11.05.2022 - 17.07.2022 / 10:00am – 7:00pm

Venue:3/F, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai

Free of charge

日期及時間:11.05.2022 - 17.07.2022 / 10:00am – 7:00pm

地點 :灣仔茂蘿街7號3樓


Remarks for Visitors

  • All visitors are required to take temperature check before admission. Visitors with fever symptoms will not be admitted.
  • Following the full implementation of the "vaccine pass" on all catering and scheduled premises, all visitors must use the “Leave Home Safe” mobile app to scan a QR code and display your COVID-19 vaccination records (electronic vaccination records) or COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificates in the app to the staff before entering.
  • For everyone’s health and safety, capacity is limited and an advance ticket is required for visitors. Reserve online on Eventbrite and present your e-ticket to the staff of entrance.
  • All visitors must wear a mask at all times during the activity. Eating and drinking is not allowed. Visitors without wearing a mask will not be admitted.
  • Visitors are encouraged to use alcohol hand sanitizer before entry.
  • Enjoy the exhibition and maintain social distancing.
  • Children aged under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • In light of the current pandemic situation, the organiser reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change any details such as dates of all events. Visitors will be notified through emails or phone calls.
  • Hong Kong Design Centre reserves the final right for permission of entering the exhibition venue.


  • 所有參觀人士進場前須接受體溫測量。若有發燒徵狀,工作人員有權拒絕相關人士進場。
  • 因應「疫苗通行證」已於所有餐飲及表列處所全面實施,所有參觀人士入場前必須以手機應用程式「安心出行」掃瞄場地外放置的二維碼,並向場地工作人員展示疫苗接種紀錄(電子針卡)或「新冠疫苗接種醫學豁免證明書」。
  • 為保障每個人的健康,我們限制每日入場人次,如參觀展覽,請先到Eventbrite網站預約,入場前向工作人員出示電子登記紀錄。
  • 所有活動參觀人士於出席活動時須一直佩戴口罩,期間請勿飲食。若無佩戴自備口罩,工作人員有權拒絕相關人士進場。
  • 參觀人士在進場前建議使用酒精搓手液清潔雙手。
  • 欣賞展覽同時請保持社交距離。
  • 十二歲以下之小童須由成人陪同入場。
  • 因應疫情實際情況,大會將保留一切權利取消、延期或更改所有活動日期。活動參與者將會透過電郵或電話通知。
  • 香港設計中心將保留可進入活動場地的最終決定權。

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