Data-Driven Intelligent Business Planning (DDIBP)

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Data-Driven Intelligent Business Planning (DDIBP)

Next generation of data-driven intelligent business planning (DDIBP)

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DDIBP hands-on simulation experience and dynamic simulator for resilient supply chain in distribution network

Learning objectives:

  • To discover the core problem in traditional supply chain planning
  • This workshop with hands-on simulation is intended to prepare a team to understand the essential difference between Re-order Point (ROP), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Make-To-Availability (MTA) and Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) as an introduction.
  • To experience the difference between forecasting-based and consumption-based planning methods thru an online simulation game
  • To understand how the dynamic simulator. excel-based AI forecasting and cloud-based application software for supply chain planning

Workshop outline:

Session 1: (22 Nov., 2022 HKT 1630-1900)

  • Online supply chain simulation experience thru forecasting-based method
  • To identify undesirable effects

Session 2: (29 Nov., 2022 HKT 1630-1900)

  • The history of ROP, MRP, MTA and DDMRP
  • The cornerstones of the above inventory policies’ logic
  • To identify the core conflict and inter-relationship between different methods

Session 3: (1 Dec., 2022 HKT 1630-1900)

  • Online supply chain simulation experience thru consumption-based method
  • To identify the desirable effects

Session 4: (6 Dec., 2022 HKT 1630-1900)

Dynamic simulator demo for intelligent supply chain planning to address the following problems:

  • Where to locate DCs/Factories?
  • Resources Planning & Optimization
  • Inventory & Sourcing Policy Planning

Worksheet-based supply chain planning demo for business forecasting

  • How to classify forecasts by different categories, inventory sizes, different time horizons
  • AI to improve forecast accuracy

Cloud-based software application demo for demand driven operating model by consumption-based method

  • Daily replenishment orders generation
  • Stock projection analytics
  • Stock alerts

Executive coaching session with simulation analysis offer