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#非關舞蹈祭 #DANCELESS complex- 阿德里安‧學德(Adrienn Hód)作品實體放映會及編舞工作坊

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Unlock Dancing Plaza

7D, Wah Mow Factory Building

5-7 Ng Fong Street

Hong Kong, KOW

Hong Kong

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#非關舞蹈祭 - 阿德里安‧學德(Adrienn Hód)作品實體放映會及編舞工作坊 #DANCELESS complex-Studio Screening and Choreography Workshop by Adrienn Hód

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#非關舞蹈祭 – 身體想像

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阿德里安‧學德(Adrienn Hód)關注表演者的在場感(presence)以及表演者和觀眾之間互相影響的關係,並在創作時透過建立安全而親密的情境去挖掘表演者內在的能量,質地,感官,情緒和語言,超越一般在舞蹈作品的慣常切入點,從個體的特質擴散成為作品的主體。在既定的即興框架中重新確立表演者在演出當中的能動性(agency)。







阿德里安‧學德(Adrienn Hód)編舞工作坊

阿德里安‧學德(Adrienn Hód)是在歐洲風格別樹一幟的編舞家,居於匈牙利,作品三次入圍在歐洲享負盛名當代舞平台Aerowaves,亦屢獲獎項。她的編舞嘗試解構,鬆動和重建現有的舞蹈結構,常把作品的焦點放在表演者的狀態之上,特別是語言及肢體的極限狀態。在沒有預設的情況下挑戰禁忌,配以幽默感,徹底地去研究身體。作品把觀眾引領到「在場」(presence)取替「意義」(meaning)的灰色地帶。

而#非關舞蹈祭邀請了阿德里安‧學德(Adrienn Hód)與其舞團Hódworks的主要舞者馬爾西奧‧克貝爾‧卡納巴羅(Márcio Canabarro)共同為本地的專業舞者作三天的網上工作坊,分享她編舞的工具和創作方式。














#DANCELESS complex – Bodily Imagination

Bodily imagination: Agency of the performer

Adrienn Hód is interested in the presence of the performer, as well as the synergy between the performer and the audience. A safe and intimate environment is created to explore the performer’s inner energy, texture, senses, emotions and language. Going beyond typical perspectives found in dance works, the individual’s qualities are expanded to become the subject of the work itself. In the established framework of improvisation, the agency of the performer is being re-established.

Solos -Studio Screening

An exclusive studio screening will be held in the studio of Unlock Dancing Plaza for audiences who would like to watch the recording of Solos, hoping to share the work to the public in a more discursive context.

Screening Date:5 Aug (Thur)

Time: 8pm

Venue: Unlock Dancing Plaza

Fee: Free of charge, donations are welcome for supporting Unlock Dancing Plaza

Choreography Workshop by Adrienn Hód

Adrienn Hód is a unique and innovative creator of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene, well-known internationally. Her works has been selected three times into the 20 most outstanding contemporary dance pieces by Aerowaves European dance network, which is one of the most visionary and influential dance platforms in Europe. Her choreographies tend to deconstruct, destabilize, and re-build already existing dance structures. The focus of her work is the performer’s status, as related to extreme human states and verbal and physical expression. Hód’s performances challenge taboos, enriched with a robust but delicate humour: a radical study of the body, free of prejudice. She opens up a parallel reality, which is built up from the unconscious and the ecstatic. Her audience is attracted to a “grey zone” where “presence” dominates “meaning”.

#DANCELESS complex is pleased to have her and Márcio Canabarro, who is one of the main dancers in Hódworks, leading a three day workshop, of which they will share tools and methodologies in their creative process. The creative process of Hódworks comes from the body, through physical improvised experimentation. The codes of our cultural, social and political surroundings appear and have a chance to be navigated and blurred into abstraction, thus giving performers and viewers a moment to acknowledge, question and dream about possible ways of interacting and (re)shaping their immediate realities.

In this three-day workshop we will explore and experience some of the methods and processes used to create dance forms and choreographies through improvisation by Hódworks, an opportunity to meet the company’s work up close.

Participants will gather in Unlock Dancing Plaza to work together.

Date:6 Aug (Fri) – 8 Aug (Sun)

Time:3-9pm(Including 1 hour meal time)

Venue:Unlock Dancing Plaza

Fee: $500 ; Early bird discount: $400 (Register before 18/7)

Target:Dancers or physical performers with a professional training background

The workshop will be conducted in English.

Presented by

Unlock Dancing Plaza

Unlock Dancing Plaza is financially supported by the HKADC

"#DANCELESS complex" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The content of these programmes does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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Date and time


Unlock Dancing Plaza

7D, Wah Mow Factory Building

5-7 Ng Fong Street

Hong Kong, KOW

Hong Kong

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