China Auto Financing Leasing Summit

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Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao

Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi 201103


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China Auto Financial Leasing Summit
August 9th-10th 2018
Organizer: PWC
Co-organizer: Merisis Consulting Ltd
The year of 2018 will be a break-out year for the auto leasing and financing industry. Since 2017, there was a huge increase in the commercial automotive and new energy automotive market, therefore the auto leasing model has become a growth industry as well. In this trend, many dealers are becoming involved in the auto financial leasing market in which chance and challenge are coexisting.

In the next three to five years, China's auto consumption financial penetration rate will reach 50%. As a market participant, financial leasing companies will obtain the industry's natural development dividends. What’s more, with the rise of the generation and the restriction policy on automobile purchase, it also provides strong demand for the auto financing leasing market. Compared to the U.S. market, China's auto financial leasing market has great potential, and the auto financial leasing model will be able to further leverage the consumer market.

Focusing on the development of new financial industries, PWC has been successfully hosting a series of events related to Fintech, Internet auto finance. This time PWC will hold the “China Auto Financial Leasing Summit 2018”, mainly discussing how the financial leasing companies create the market-driven and customer characteristics leasing products based on the internet technology and big data analytics, the benefit from the Fintech company, and the new market for the auto financial retail.

- Professional auto financial leasing speakers from China and overseas
- Auto Retail, Auto Financial 2.0, Risk Management, ABS, New Technology and other hot topics

- Case study of risk control, anti-fraud, regulation and trust
- Main Forum, VIP Dinner, Award and Roadshow
- Broad Media and internet platform exposure
- 30+ leading speakers, 300+ attendees from auto financial leasing companies

For who:
Auto Financial Company, Bank, Insurance Company, Financial Leasing Company, Leasing Company, Manufacturer, Auto Dealer Group, Foreign Bank, Trust Company, Finance Company, Asset Manager, Investment Company, Equipment Leasing Company, Fintech Company

Chairman, Executive Director, General Manager, Chief Representative, Deputy VP, Asset Management Department, Finance Director, Marketing Director, Sales Director, Operation Director, Decision Maker in Investment Company, Business Development Supervisor.

Inviting Speakers:
Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General, China Association of Automobile Manufacture
Cai Ning, President, Shanghai Leasing Trade Association
Zhao Zhuping, General Manager, CATIC International Leasing Co., Ltd
Shi Yongjiu, Assistant of CEO, CMB Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd
Xie Lingyan, Assistant of GM, Huaxia Insurance
Shi Xiaochun, Deputy GM, WJS
Qi Shi, Founder, OKChexian
Li Weitao, GM, Shanghai Dazhong Financial Leasing Co.,LTD
Pan Fei, CEO, Huangbaoche
Xu Gang, Partner & GM, The Boston Consulting Group
Miao Liming, President, Huashenghaoche
Yu Jingyuan, VP& GM, Uxin Group
Zhu Xiaotong, GM, Tesla China
Huang Rong, GM, Guangdong Trustbank Finanace Lease Group
Yao Zhongxiao, GM, Auto Financial Dept, China Financial Leasing Co.,LTD
CaiLihong, VP, eHi
Guo Chao, Founder& CEO, Diyichedai
Yan Lifeng, GM, Auto Financial Dept, Pingan Leasing
Li Qiang, GM, Auto Financial Dept, Xinda Financial Leasing Co.,LTD
Dai Ying, VP, BAIC Capital
Wang Junjie, President, Great China Finance Leasing
Zhang Lei, President, Herald Pacific Financial Leasing co., LTD
Li Minghao, CEO, LianZhong Finance
Xue Na, VP, Risk Management Dept, Shengrongguoji



0900 Current situation and development of European car financing lease market
Richard Jones, Chairman, Managing Director, Black Horse, Consumer Finance

0930 Development prospects of 2018 China auto financing leasing industry
Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General, China Association of Automobile Manufacture

1000 From "auto finance" to "new car retail" - online and offline mode discussion
Jiang Dong,COO,Yixin Cars

1030 Tea Break & Networking

1100 How to create a new car industry chain
Li Zhiyuan,Co-Founder &COO,SOUCHE.COM

1130 Capital, channels and intelligent risk control - how to achieve rapid profit growth in the financial leasing business
Han Yong,CEO,Herald Pacific Financial Leasing co., LTD

1200 PanelHow to build the industrial closed loop of "new car retail"

1230 Luncheon & Networking

1400 New layout of the digital strategy of a traditional auto finance company
Joern KURZROCK,CEO& General Manager,Volkswagen Auto Finance (China) Co., Ltd.

1430 Auto Lease 2.0: Build an auto financing platform with the entry of "capital + risk control + system".
Yan Lifeng, GM, Auto Financial Dept, Pingan Leasing

1500 New retail ecology of finance and leasing diversified development
Miao Liming, President, Huashenghaoche

1530 Tea Break & Networking

1600 How to build a "moat" of financial leasing-Discussion of Qudian Model
Xu Long,Supervisor of Dabaiqiche,Senior VP of Qudian.com

1630 Alliance and cooperation - how Internet automotive finance companies quickly cut into the automotive industry to become a new volume engine
Xue Min,General Manager of China Finance and Service,J.D.Power

1700 New trend of post loan management: scenario, data and service
Liang Yancong,VP,PPmoney

1730 China Auto Financing Lease Award Ceremony

1800 End of Day One


0900 Financial transformation and upgrading the second-hand car
Chen Xiangda,President,Shenzhen Secondhand Automobile Exchange Association

0930 New ecology brought by residual rental of the second-hand car
Dai Kun,CEO,Youxin Secondhand Car

1000 Big data support Car Insurance Innovation
Peng Bing,Vice Director,Zhongan Car Insurance

1030 Tea Break & Networking

1100 Application of personalized car insurance in the intelligent vehicle network
Qishi, Founder,OK Car Insurance

1130 Analysis on the current status of ABS
Yang Shimin,General Manager,Zhongtai Securities

1200 Building the value concept of Fintech assets for financial leasing
Shi Xiaochun, Deputy GM, WJS

1230 Luncheon & Networking

1400 The financial plan of new car direct rent and analysis of risk control
Pan Yanju,Director of Financial Product,Shouche.com

1430 Risk control practice of large data pre-sale model
Chen Yunwei,President,Chuangfu Finance Leasing

1500 Post loan risk control, big data risk control, one-stop management and innovation
Fan Mingkun,COO,Cheegu

1530 Discussion on cooperation mode between the financial leasing company, business renter and distributor
Li Qiang, GM, Auto Financial Dept, Xinda Financial Leasing Co.,LTD

1600 Tea Break & Networking

1615 Auto Financial Leasing Investor Meetup

1730 End of Day Two


The "China Auto Financing Lease Award Ceremony" was held during the "China Auto Financial Leasing Summit", which gave recognition to the units and people who made outstanding contributions to the new car finance, the rapid development of automobile financial leasing, and the promotion of the innovation of the new auto retail industry.

2018 Innovation Brand of Auto Financial Leasing
2018 Annual Auto Financial Leasing Product
2018 Best Risk Control Corporation
2018 Best Leadership Corporation of Auto Financial Leasing
2018 Best Developing Auto Financial Leasing Corporation
2018 Best Auto Financial Leasing Company
2018 Best Auto Financial Leasing Service Provider
2018 "Man of the Year" of Auto Financial Leasing
2018 Most Influential Auto Financial Leasing Company

Ticket Prices:

Ordinary tickets: $5,800 (including a conference manual, lecture PPT, conference shorthand, coffee break, lunch)
VIP tickets: $10,800 (including a conference manual, lecture PPT, conference shorthand, breakfast, coffee break, lunch, pick-up service, conference hotel two nights luxury accommodation, LOGO exposed, the first three rows of VIP seats)
Participants: $3,800 (includes a copy of the conference manual)

Contact Information:

China Auto Financial Leasing Summit Committee
Merisis Consulting Company Limited
Mobile: +86 13917871375
Phone: +86 21 3113 0488
Address: 3rd Floor, No 566 Middle Huaihai Road,Shanghai, PRC

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Date and Time


Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao

Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi 201103


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