Certificate Course in Blockchain Education 區塊鏈教育培訓證書課程

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Bitwork, 7/F

18 Sheung Yuet Road


Hong Kong

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Blockchain Education Training Certificate Course is outlined and authorized to Golden Finger (Shen Zhen) Block Chain Tech Co.,Ltd for marketing operation by CIIA. The syllabus will include blockchain definition, Bitcoin

introduction, Ethereum introduction, blockchain industry foundation, and other blockchain professional information. Candidates who completed the course and passed the exam will be awarded the certificate approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China (MOHRSS).

區塊鏈教育培訓課程,由中國信息協會統籌,全權授權金手指(深圳)區塊鏈科技有限公司進行市場化運作。教育專案內容包含區塊鏈定義、比特幣介紹、以太坊介紹、區塊鏈行業常識和其他專業課程等。完成課程及考試合格後,可獲頒由中華人民共和國 人力資源與社會保障部 認可之證書

Course information

Date: 28-29, January, 2019

Time: 9am-6pm

Location: Unit 1-4, 7/F, FTLife Tower, 18 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Language: Cantonese

Fee: HKD$ 15,999

Enquiry Hotline: 2376 5000

The Certification course is now open for application !

Module 1: General introduction to Blockchain 區塊鏈介紹及概述

1.1 World without Blockchain 區塊鏈介紹及概述

1.2 Blockchain disruption 區塊鏈的冒起

1.3 Advantages of blockchain over traditional solution 區塊鏈對比傳統解決方案的優勢

1.4 Blockchain components 區塊鏈的元素

1.5 Bitcoin and Blockchain 比特幣和區塊鏈

1.6 Classification - Private/Consortium/Public Blockchain 區塊鏈分類: 私鏈/聯盟鏈/公鏈

1.7 Blockchain Security 區塊鏈保安

Module 2: Cryptography, consensus and fork in Blockchain 區塊鏈加密、共識演算及分叉

2.1 Public Chain basics 公鏈基礎知識

2.2 Consensus - How conflicts are resolved 共識演算 - 如何解決衝突

2.2.1 PoW (Proof-of-Work) : 工作證明

2.2.2 PoS (Proof-of-Stake) : 權益證明

2.2.3 PoI (Proof-of-Importance) : 重要性證明

2.2.4 PBFT PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance): 共識演算法 拜佔庭容錯

2.3 Hard fork and Soft fork 硬分叉和軟分叉

Module 3: Public Chain: Bitcoin Innovation 公鏈 : 比特幣的創新

3.1 Bitcoin transaction 比特幣交易

3.2 Bitcoin block structure 比特幣區塊結構

3.3 Bitcoin script 比特幣的程式語言

3.4 Bitcoin multisig wallet 比特幣多重簽章交易錢包

3.5 Bitcoin mining 比特幣挖礦

3.6 Major incidents on bitcoin 比特幣的重大事件

3.7 Applications of Bitcoin 比特幣的應用

3.8 Derivatives of Bitcoin 比特幣的衍生品

3.9 Pros and Cons 優點和缺點

Module 4: Public Chain: Ethereum and smart contract 公鏈 : 太坊和智合約

4.1 Ethereum transaction 以太坊交易

4.2 Ethereum block structure 以太坊區塊結構

4.3 Ethereum mining (PoW, PoS) 以太坊挖礦 (工作量證明,權益證明)

4.4 Ethereum client, wallet and explorers 以太坊客戶,錢包及瀏覽器

4.5 Solidity & smart contract fundamentals 以太坊Solidity編輯語言及智能合約基礎

4.6 ERC20 tokens ERC20代幣

4.7 DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization 分散式自治組織)

4.8 Major incidents on Ethereum 以太坊的重大事件

4.9 Application of Ethereum 以太坊的應用

4.10 Smart Contract Use Cases 智能合約應用

4.11 Ethereum vs. Bitcoin 以太坊 及 比特幣

4.12 Pros and cons 優點和缺點

Module 5: Private Blockchains 私鏈

5.1 Hyperledger (Fabric) principles Hyperledger (Fabric) 的原理

5.2 Multichain principles 多鏈的原理

5.3 Examples of private Blockchain application and their commercial values 私鏈應用例子及其商業價值

Module 6: Cryptocurrency, Security, and Exchange 加密貨幣、安全和交易所

6.1 Definition of cryptocurrency 加密貨幣的定義

6.2 Working of cryptocurrency加密貨幣的運作

6.3 Exploring different cryptocurrency projects 探討不同的加密貨幣項目

6.3.1 NEO

6.3.2 EOS

6.3.3 STORJ

6.3.4 BAT

6.3.5 PATRON

6.3.6 ENDOR

6.4 Blockchain security basics 區塊安全的基礎知識

6.5 Wallets and their security level 錢包及安全級別

6.6 Trading cryptocurrency on an exchange 交易所交易加密貨幣

6.6.1 Wallets vs Exchanges 錢包及交易所

6.6.2 Types of trading 交易類型

6.6.3 Risk Management 風險管理

6.6.4 How to buy your first cryptocurrency 如何購買你的第一個加密貨幣

6.6.5 Trading tools and platforms 交易工具和平台

Module 7: Blockchain Technology Limitation 區塊鏈技術限制

7.1 Scaling problem 規模調整問題

7.2 Storage problem 存儲問題

7.3 Privacy and transparency 私隱和透明度

7.4 Possible attacks 可能的攻擊

7.5 Other mid-term concerns 其他中期需要關心的問題

Module 8: Token economy and Project lifecycle 代幣經濟和項目生命週期

8.1 Tokenomics and Reward mechanism 通證經濟與獎勵機制

8.2 Several New Economic Theories: Shared Economy and Community Economics


8.3 Blockchain using into Business (Trends and examples) 企業如何使用區塊鏈(趨勢和例子)

8.3.1League chain industry application行業應用聯盟鏈

8.3.2 Supply chain industry application供應鏈做用區塊鏈

8.3.3 Blockchain and digital marketing區塊鏈與數字行銷

8.3.4 Blockchain and the reinvention of human resource management區塊鏈與人力資源的革新

8.4 Assisting entrepreneurs in decision-making application blockchains with a cross-theoretical model (TTM) 以跨理論模式(TTM)協助企業家決策應用區塊鏈

8.5 Using industrial economics models to make decision運用產業經濟學模型來做決策

8.6 Chain Aggregation 聚合鏈

8.7 The most important thing in investing in technology 投資科技最重要的事

Module 9: Blockchain Compliance Analysis區塊鏈的合規分析

9.1Regulatory Framework 監管框架

9.2 Is blockchain regulated by the SFC? 區塊鏈受香港證監會規管嗎?

9.3 Investors should also be reminded of the potential risks involved in blockchains and investment arrangements involving digital tokens 客戶/投資者要知悉區塊鏈所涉及的潛在風險

9.4 Mitigation of the significant money laundering and terrorist financing risks 打擊洗錢及恐怖分子資金籌集的標準

9.5 Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance 個人資料(私隱)條例的規定

Date and Time


Bitwork, 7/F

18 Sheung Yuet Road


Hong Kong

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